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The review of the movie “Toy Tell-tales“

Ya on the place of residents of Colombia (which country, but not staff) took offense. If in the Hollywood movie in a shot there is a Colombian, then be sure, it is connected in some way with drug trafficking. Or it is not connected, but then this fact will obmusolivatsya by a two-three of flat jokes. However, it is quite possible that Colombians have no time to take offense just. They do not watch the American film because are engaged at cleaning of poppy fields or packing of white powder. Sometimes stereotypes are so close connected with the real facts that to distinguish one from another very difficult. And still say that the smoke without fire does not happen.

… The Colombian drug baron Enrique Kali blundered. It was caught by federals. Also decided to condemn on “ to severe laws of mountains “. Maybe will not reach the death penalty, but several life sentences precisely shine it. For sure. His native son Luis who undertakes all possible does not agree with it in a root to pull out the father from a tyuryaga. All possible in this case - it is blackmail, kidnapping, murders and other asocial actions.

Semi-military operations in the territory of the USA to Luis it is hard for a message, one enemies around. Nevertheless, with a handful of the colleagues it assembles two trucks of the weapon and explosive, transports through border (do not ask me as) and Regis occupies private school that in Virginia. By itself, not for fun. In this boarding school children of any high-ranking officials, oligarchs and cool guys study. For example, son of the mafia boss Joey Trott or offspring of the federal judge Phyl Donakhyyu. The last also becomes the purpose number one in the list of bandits because, having kidnapped Phil, Luiz expects to exchange the boy for the daddy.

The main problem of blackmailers armed cap-a-pie is that Donakhyyu - younger managed to fade from school before their arrival. However soon Luis understands that he can do also without the judge`s son: at school Regis full - it is full of teenagers for whose heads it is possible to exchange not only his father, but also all prison in addition. The self-confident Colombian did not consider one - local inhabitants in the person of raunchy idlers under leadership Billey Teppera (Sean Austen) are not going to be idle and wait at all when the high-ranking parties agree. Billey and his schoolmates have an impudent plan, and they intend to realize it …

As appears from the description, we deal with teenage " option; Die Hard “. All components on the places: spiteful and something the demanding terrorists are the aggressors who are slowly thinking the authorities (the sheriff and other echelons) and the unfortunate victims - hostages among whom there is one hero capable almost alone to resist to villains.

The ideal tracing-paper did not work and that is why. In - the first, the surprise element is lost. Any, even the most inattentive viewer, will at once guess on faces of bandits that their invention is doomed to a failure. At enemies in “ Die Hard “ were though names, are the leader here - Luis and rubble of the Latinos called in a shot that it is only effective to die.

In - the second, Andrew Divoff who had the picturesque surname from the Russian father, of course, not Alan Rikman. Eternal film villain Divoff (dilogy “ Wishmaster “ and series “ To Survive “) very naturally got used to an image of the Colombian macho (mother - that at it is the Venezuelan), however it too grozen also is severe to perceive it seriously. Rikman was charming and sarcastic, than frightened and attracted at the same time.

In - the third, in “ Toy tell-tales “ Bruce Willis is absent. There is everything. And picturesque Luis Gosset Jr. (“ Director “), both future Samwise Gamgee (Sean Austen), and faithful companion of Indiana Jones (Denkholm Elliot), and even Wil Wheaton (“ Star Trek: Next generation “) . Actors are good, professional and hardworking. But the barefoot, blood-stained and eternally dissatisfied Willis is absent. And it puts a big fat end chances of a picture.

The director`s destiny of the great screenwriter Daniel Pitri Jr. somehow did not develop. And its feather possesses the remarkable comedy fighter “ The Police officer from Beverley is Hillz “ in which the best role (after “ 48 hours “ Walter Hill) the black comedian Eddie Murphy played. “ Toy tell-tales “ became a director`s debut of Pitri, and, alas, the most successful of all its four projects as the director.

I finalize. The competent, sound, not bad removed boyevichok which will be interesting at least from the point of view of actor`s game. The scenario, of course, in places sags, but is also successful, intense, episodes when action carries away and begin to empathize heroes sincerely. But Willis is absent.