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How to achieve a healthy sleep? Having bought the correct mattress!

Orthopedic mattresses and accessories of Mediflex were developed with direct participation of the Russian and foreign orthopedic surgeons under the leadership of the academician V. I. Dikul. It occurred for the first time in the history of production of goods for a dream.

Orthopedic support of a backbone

is known to All that in a dream we carry out a third of our life. The dream is the most important source of rest, restoration of forces and removals of stresses.

It helps an organism to be reconstructed and be prepared by new day. Ours depend on quality of a dream working capacity, mood and progress.

On what first of all depends quality of a dream?

From physiologically correct (orthopedic) position of a body and lack of tension and loadings. These parameters are provided by the correct design of a mattress, but not rigidity as many mistakenly believe.

We will review examples: your backbone is bent by

On excessively rigid mattress or a sofa in the form of the letter With it is absolute for it unnatural, from - for what muscles of a back are twisted and incorrectly stretch. It occurs not only when you lie on a back, but also on one side, and a stomach. From - for lack of support in area of a waist pressure upon shoulders and hips strongly increases. It forces the person to turn and turn in search of a comfortable position is much more often at night. It reduces the most productive - a long phase of a dream. Excessive tension in a waist from - for lack of support causes pain in a backbone and muscles.

Too soft mattresses and beds with a grid do not provide necessary support in area of a waist and hips. Body sags the backbone remains practically without support, bent, remains intense.

Seven zones of distribution of pressure

Feature of orthopedic mattresses of Mediflex that zones of shoulders, hips and a waist get the correct support. The backbone acquires the natural provision, and muscles are in the weakened state.

The orthopedic effect is reached at the expense of unique system of support Special Adaptive System developed under the leadership of the academician V. I. Dikul.

The body of the person can be divided into seven various zones conditionally: head, shoulders, waist, basin and hips, knees, shins, foot. During a dream of each of zones the corresponding support is necessary.

The maximum load falls on area of hips. The second for pressure degree a zone is an area of shoulders. It is connected with the fact that at men the thorax has the largest volume and weight, and women often sleep in the situation on one side . The seven-zone technology applied in Mediflex mattresses completely repeats bends of a body and provides ideal adaptation to anatomic features of a figure of the person and his movements during a dream.

Mediflex Berth - double support

For achievement of the maximum support and a qualitative dream orthopedic surgeons under the leadership of V. I. Dikul recommend to use Mediflex mattress only on the company basis. The set from correctly picked up Mediflex pillow together with a mattress and the company basis of Mediflex works as full-fledged orthopedic system .

The method of double support is applied to strengthening of orthopedic properties of a berth: a combination of a mattress and the basis with the built-in spring block.

the Orthopedic pillow

the Pillow - very important component of any berth. The good pillow supports the head and a neck in natural, physiologically correct situation flush with the top department of a backbone. In such position of a muscle sheyno - humeral department are weakened. The infringement of the nervous terminations is excluded and blood supply of a brain improves.

Best of all orthopedic pillows with small rollers meet these requirements. They ideally repeat natural contours of the head and neck and support cervical department of a backbone. Correctly picked up pillow strengthens orthopedic effect of a mattress and is recommended for prevention and complex therapy of diseases of a backbone.

Seriously treat the choice of a pillow. Surely lie down on several models of various form, heights and density.

Pay attention to the following factors

At a dream on a back important to avoid a zaprokidyvaniye of the head or its too high position. The pillow has to cave in so under weight of the head that the cervical department always had soft support.

For a dream on a back it is recommended to choose a pillow of a classical form or with small deepening on the center.

Pay attention to features of a structure of the body - width of shoulders, build, growth. Than shoulders are wider, especially the pillow has to be high. As a rule, tall and broad-shouldered persons choose pillows 13 - 15 cm high. For people of an average constitution pillows 10 - 12 cm high

At selection of a pillow are comfortable consider the level of softness of the main berth. On a soft mattress you you drown it is more also distance between a shoulder and the head small. Such mattress will be well added by a low pillow. If you sleep on a rigid surface, choose higher pillow.

Remember! Preservation of a backbone in physiologically correct situation - the main principle of the choice of a pillow.