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It is not enough to smoke - to health to damage? All of us since the childhood hear

both from mother, and from the father of the word about what to smoke very harmfully. Having matured we already know for certain that smoking - is life-threatening and causes a set of a serious illness which often comes to an end fatally Nevertheless it does not stop us before temptation to popontovatsya and we completely and consciously inhale poison, having forgotten that the drop of nicotine is capable to kill a horse. And even sometimes having felt disgust for the most tobacco smoke, we continue by it to choke, not " yet; it will be pleasant at the same time in every possible way being repaid and calming, sincerely believing that I have no dependence . And as often you had to hear, from familiar or other people, on the simple question You Smoke or not answer of the following contents: Yes I practically do not smoke, so, everything one - two sigarettes a day ? As it appeared, a habit almost not to smoke it is very pernicious for health of the person, and literally increases three times probability to die, either of lung cancer, or of heart attack.

Such results were yielded, the researches of the Norwegian scientists conducted recently. They also paid attention to the so-called inactive smokers considering this habit not that low-harmful, and absolutely harmless. What is entertaining, till this time all researches, concerning impact of tobacco on a human body, were guided by the use of this tobacco in considerable doses (more precisely, not less than one pack of cigarettes a day). It is difficult to present, but some physicians throughout long time considered such inactive smoking almost safe for health.

However we will return to research. 23 thousand volunteers, both men, and women, at the age of 35 - 49 years which live in Norway took part in it. 30 years ago all these volunteers passed necessary inspections which purpose was identification of all factors causing danger of emergence is warm - vascular diseases. After that till 2002 inclusive, group mortality fixation was regularly examined, carried out, the frequency of emergence it is warm - vascular and cancer diseases (it both a glycemia, and a hypertension, and cholesterol level in blood, obesity, etc.) and the quantity of the smoked cigarettes by each of participants in days was also measured.

As a result was confirmed it is general the known fact that there is an arithmetic dependence between quantity of the smoked cigarettes, and mortality from warmly - vascular diseases. Just the same dependence was observed between smoking and a disease of lung cancer. At those from smokers who smoke in day from a pack of cigarettes more, probability to ache and die from cancer 33 times above, than at their non-smoking companions! A similar picture and concerning mortality from warmly - vascular diseases. Here the probability is four times higher.

However the most important, research gave the chance to prove that inactive smoking increases mortality among smokers at least three times, in relation to non-smoking. For example, when smoking from one to five cigarettes a day, lung cancer mortality increases five times, and here those inactive smokers to whom for forty, risk the life by one and a half times, in difference from non-smoking. At the end - the ends, for your heart it is indifferent - much you smoke or not. Any doses of tobacco are equally harmful to it.

Nevertheless to smoke or not to smoke - everyone solves for himself. Our health - in our hands and to spoil it or to strengthen - a personal record. The main thing - you should not deceive yourself, justifying oneself illogical statements.