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plays an Important role in a condition of a myocardium selenium level. With it heart can be helped by the girasol promoting assimilation of this major microcell from food though he does not contain selenium. It is important because the need for selenium changes and depends on age, sex, quality of food, existence of medical indications, an environmental pressure and on that how many at present in an organism of free radicals. Powder of a girasol helps an organism to provide itself with selenium in necessary degree. Selenium is a part of the attendee, practically in all cells and biological liquids of the person and animals of the enzyme of a glyutationperoksidaza capable to protect a human body from harmful action of free radicals. Deficiency of selenium increases risk of developing of such diseases as oncological, it is warm - vascular, AIDS, psoriasis, presenilation. According to Institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science the lack of selenium of a diet is observed more than at 80% of Russians. 90% of selenium of people receive with food and 10% - with water. Assimilation of soluble forms of selenium (the most part of selenium is soaked up in 12 - a perstny gut and other departments of intestines) is defined by what food is eaten by the person. the new curative properties of a girasol caused by high content of insulin in it Are open for

. It allows to use it in treatment of a hypertension, coronary heart disease, an anemia.

at the heart of the majority of diseases of heart and vessels lie the violations of a fatty exchange (increase of level of cholesterol) leading to development of system atherosclerosis of vessels. Low sensitivity of cages to insulin can be one of the leading reasons of this phenomenon. The inulin making a basis of this product substantially restores functional activity of insulin, so, and brings closer to norm a condition of all types of a metabolism, including, and fatty.

Potassium - the magnesian complex which is contained in a daily dose of powder of a girasol allows to replace completely with it known himiopreparat for hypertensive persons and cores - pan-quinsies and to asparka. Besides, they contain asparginovy acid. Therefore, powder from a girasol is an effective and safe preparation for treatment of arrhythmias, a hypertension, coronary heart disease, stenocardia of various origin, for prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

Decrease arterial (both maximum, and minimum) pressure is noted at long reception of powder of a girasol (20 - 30 days) by different researchers

under the influence of powder of a girasol viscosity of blood due to reduction of concentration in fibrinogen plasma goes down, the fluidity of blood and elasticity of a vascular wall, plastic properties of erythrocytes, platelets, leukocytes improves. Blood cells become more flexible, change the form easier depending on diameter of a vessel on which they have to pass. All these changes are well reflected in the main indicators of microblood circulation.

At the majority of diseases warmly - vascular system the increased coagulability of blood and its ability to a tromboobrazovaniye is found. So, blood clots easily arise on atherosclerotic plaques, and area of a myocardial infarction, at a varicosity. Such hardest complications of vascular pathology as stroke, thrombembolia (drift with current of blood of the come-off blood clots) a pulmonary artery and many other bodies arise because of violations of rheological properties and the increased coagulability of blood.

According to scientists and doctors, the most significant effect of inclusion in a dietotherapy of powder is decrease in tromboobrazovatelny potential of blood, improvement of characteristics of a vascular wall. With tendency to bleedings and the lowered coagulability of blood it is better for people to accept girasol powder short courses (no more than 7 - 10 days) no more than 1 h a spoon a day, during food.

Sufficient level of silicon increases elasticity of walls of arteries and reduces their permeability