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How to choose BMX?

How to choose BMX?

At the choice of the BMX bicycle, as a rule consults, for a start, to decide on style of driving since there are several disciplines in BMX (though names at them more). Really, to choose what of disciplines is more to liking, it is possible only having taken for a drive on a bema some time, so to say year. Nevertheless I will give the description of BMX of disciplines, and you already think what suits you.

BMX - flat. This execution of acrobatic tricks by BMX bicycle on the flat platform, without coming off the earth. It is impossible to touch the earth by legs and hands. Specialized fletovy bmx is badly suitable for usual driving. At this BMX bicycle very short base, four massive peg calculated on the fact that it is possible to lean on them legs. Brakes can be absent in general, as well as a chain. Sometimes the chain is removed and instead of pedals establish peg, and it is possible to put direct transfer, as by track bicycles. The wheel and dropauta of a fork have no carrying out forward.

BMX - dirt. BMX the discipline which passed later and into category of wheels 26 . BMX for dirt - rather heavy and strong bicycle, frame, usually chromoleft. Peg and a forward brake are absent. Sometimes put the special dyortovy brake handles which are not disturbing when performing tricks since the brake lever is curved from a wheel

of BMX - vert. Vert rides in a stage, usual or pass - a stage. The stage reminds the pipe cut lengthways in half. Pass - stages have height about two meters, the upper edges are not vertical. Usual stages, usually about four meters are sent to height, edges vertically up. Driving in a usual stage consists in departures from a stage, performance of tricks in air and a landing back up. At the upper edges of a stage grinda and steles are used. BMX for vert - the heavy, having, as a rule, four peg, back brake with a girorotor, when driving in pass - to a stage often use also a forward brake, tires - only slik. Strong chromoleft frame.

BMX - street on a baize differs from a strit in abundance of grind.

of BMX - street - the heavy BMX equipped with the pega established as a rule only on one party (that on which it is convenient to concrete rider to grindit. Brakes are removed often that there were no problems with ropes. But in real life we face that there are practically no tightly specialized BMX bicycles on sale. And driving on BMX happens, as a rule, in the mixed rhythm.

As BMX, is, after all an extreme type of cycling, the most important criterion of the choice - strong and reliable accessories, first of all - a frame. Frames for BMX bicycles, are made either of steel or of aluminum. Steel frames are reliable and economic, aluminum are more expensive, but they it is easier. The frame size for BMX is defined in inches, for example 21 or 20. 5 (it is length of the top pipe, size). To riders with growth more than 180 cm make sense to choose a frame 21 joints of a back and knees will hurt differently. But there are also exceptions. If there is opportunity, take from friends of BMX with different size and take for a drive, choose what size of a frame to you more convenient. Choose geometry of a frame depending on the discipline BMX chosen for driving. If were not defined yet - take classical geometry.

Length of feathers, can also strongly differ within 13 - 14 . The feathers are shorter, the it is simpler to extend the bicycle on themselves, but at the same time the base of your BMX will be less and it will be less steady. In fashion low frames, there can be it and looks stylishly, but you will uncertainly feel in flight, making jumps. The steering column can be integrated or not integrated, on this characteristic first you should not bother, will become the advanced rider, then and learn all. Thickness of dropaut is from 4 mm to 8 mm. (these are such plates with cuts in which the plug axis fastens). Whenever possible choose thicker, excess margin of safety on BMX will not prevent.

A fork for BMX

At the choice of a fork, the same recommendation - look for stronger. It is worth paying attention to offset - carrying out of an axis of the plug from feathers (pipes) of a fork, as a rule offset is equal to 25 - 35 mm. The offset is less - the BMX is more sensitive to turns. In production of forks for BMX bicycles chrommolybdenic steel is used. There are expensive titanic forks. The carriage for Vmkhizvestny several types of carriages, but the most optimum probably Mid BB - has the big bearing and rather small weight. The Spanish carriage is easier, but there is a danger to crumb small balls.

Rods and systems for BMX

First of all matters quantity of elements of system. There are single-element, two-element and three-element systems. In favor of three-element systems it is possible to carry that at breakage of one part you should not throw out all system, changed the broken part and everything, and here with two-component system it is more difficult since 2rs - the system makes a whole with an axis. The single-element system (poker) has property to bend easily, and even to break, is not suitable for a strit unambiguously. Having gained a little experience of driving of BMX, pay attention to a way of fastening of rods (8 - shlitsevy, mnogoshlitsevy or to a square) and a form (tubular, flat). The star for BMX

Is about a forward asterisk. They are the different thickness and different diameter (it is natural with different quantity of teeths). What star you will put on the BMX, to solve to you. It is considered that the ideal transfer relation 2,5 - 2,8. But everything depends on BMX of discipline and force of a rider. A wheel for BMX

At the choice of a wheel we pay attention to geometry, i.e. width, height, angles of rotation and rise. Choose so that it was convenient to you, width as a rule corresponds to the convenient successful fellow at pulling up on a crossbeam. At production of wheels for bicycles and in particular for BMX it is used, a so-called batting. The Batting is a change of section of a pipe on its length. Use of a batting allows to make a design stronger and easier, i.e. look for a battirovanny wheel.

Carrying out of a wheel

carrying out length Is important, than it is more, that the bicycle is more maneuverable and is less stable. Wheels for BMX

Further, on importance degree - wheels. Can be on 36 spokes or 48 spokes, diameter of axes to 14 mm. And again, we see that all rekomendazz of experts come to the general conclusion: Whenever possible buy wheels more strong, on 48 spokes and with mm axes 14 . Well everything is clear, BMX - the bicycle extreme and excess margin of safety will not prevent. Wheels for BMX of classical type, it is possible to choose with a set of 36 spokes and forward axis 10 of mm., it is supposed that this BMX bicycle will be used, generally for prompt cyclings on sidewalks and overcomings of obstacles of the " type; border . The brake for What BMX

is necessary a brake by BMX bicycle? And whether it is necessary in general? Communicating with fans of BMX I found out that the majority is braked footwear, i.e. pressing a sneaker sole a tire of a back wheel from above. For example, the Wethepeople firm, since 2010, does not put mechanical brakes on one of the produced BMX models. So, the question of brakes disappears by itself. Though, there is a set of the BMX models of bicycles on which brakes are established, or with the central draft, or brakes like v - brake. Whether to install brakes on the BMX bicycle, to solve to you, I only reported about tendencies in this type of cycling. The first principle of the choice of brakes always one - rather rigid levers and high quality of material of brake shoes. I think that in some BMX disciplines, for example dirt, without mechanical brake, after all not to manage. Girorotor for BMX

On many BMX bicycles is established a rotor. This gimmick allows to execute a wheel pro-collar on 360 hail. without twisting of brake cables. It is worth thinking strong before getting this navorot. In - the first, we already told that not on all the BMX bicycle ah brakes, so and a cable are established. In - the second, need of use of a rotor arises, as a rule, at athletes of rather high level who carry out various tricks on BMX with a high speed and have no opportunity to spend time for untwisting of cables. Peg

the Following specific BMX completing - peg. These are such nozzles which are looking as continuation of an axis of a wheel and having the glass form. Peg are established by couples, on the one hand the bicycle, ahead and behind. BMX or from both parties can be established on the one hand. Peg, for an opportunity to be passed on edge of some high border, parapet serve. Not necessarily, to establish peg at once after purchase of the first BMX bicycle, at first it is necessary to accustom with bicycle, to understand as your body works, in particular, there is such concept as take-off foot and already then you will understand on what party of a bem to establish peg. It is a little information on the prices in BMX shops. Of course, the sum of money which we have for purchase often determines the level of the acquired equipment, not an exception and BMX bicycles. The situation is such: - price category to 300 dollars. - the bicycles which are externally BMX but really not capable to sustain the strain experienced at normal jumps, in principle, it is the bicycle for one season, for two seasons when carrying out the corresponding interseasonal service and replacement of spare parts: - price category 300 - 600 dollars - rather hardy BMX which will allow you to derive pleasure from this bicycle at the level of the fan; - the price category is higher than 600 dollars - good, strong BMX, will sustain a set of tricks and loadings, will allow you to participate in competitions in various BMX to disciplines