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The interesting facts bmx

It is known that, as well as the majority of modern sports, VMH (baysikl - motor-an extreme), it was created in America, allegedly in the middle of 80 - x.

the Certificate to it creation of the first bicycle firms (1975 - 1980) specializing in production of VMH - bikes and one of the first competitions

dated for 1976 - 78 years. Speaking about so far time and VMH - sport during that time, it is necessary to notice that VMH - baizes then, certainly, and close did not stand with today`s models. just small bicycle which was should for what tricks was

At first it. Just went by it. But soon the untied guys to whom just bothered to go began to rush on

to streets and to jump on everything that is only possible. Similar aggressive style of driving quickly enough drew attention to itself and got a great number of admirers. Producers, the bicycles used in

such driving, began to remake old and to develop the new designs of bikes intended directly under severe conditions of operation. Among the first were

of HARO, GT, HUTCH, SKYWAY, MONGOOSE. But nevertheless the most real baizes made only GT and HARO. Defects there was a heap! For example brakes were just any! At that time ACZ Z - Rims were considered as best

, but they were made of plastic and nylon. About their quality draw conclusions! Also in 80 - e there were no chromic rims (and it is lame the best surface for braking). The level of development growing at

for those times of a new sport, picked up soon created American Freestyle - » Association (AFA);. It united hundreds of riders - racers, fletlender, and

of fans of VERT. All riders tried to follow traditions of AFA and put on full protection, without regard to discipline. By then there were no helmets Protec so it was necessary to remake

huge crash helmets of Ecko.

AFA were beginners, skilled, the experts and professionals divided into 4 groups: from 13 is also more senior, 14 - 15, 16 - 18, 19 and is more senior. Fletlend took the leading place. For an example in one of competitions was

of 120 participants in category 16 - 18 among experts in a fletlend. The best riders competed both in a fleta, and in Vert - e. Matt Hoffman, Dennis McCoy were most distinguished from a great number of athletes,

of Rick Thorn. Care of a bike was part of rolling day. Before driving it was necessary to wipe brakes, to twist skewbald (then they welled up on an axis that quite often led to breakage of an axis).

Soon there was the first real fristaylovy bike Haro sport . It had turning off skewbald, brakes Mags and Gyro (the system allowing to rotate to a wheel by 360 degrees without confusing

brake ropes). In 1988 there were first baizes which passed on 990 - e brakes . There are new companies. The most fancy Haro, was on sale with 48 - spoke rims. At that time the frame

still left much to be desired, year of service, at most two - everything that you could expect from the frame.

In the history VMH is 3 years old in which it not that did not develop, and just disappeared. This time from 1989 to 1991. Competitions stopped, to bikers bothered to spend huge amounts of money for purchase

of spare parts and repair of bicycles. Magazines either buried, or did not correspond to subject. 1991 becomes year of death of freestyle.

What was an incitement to freestyle development again, a controversial issue. On the one hand it is a new round performed by tricks, so-called New school (tricks became highly acrobatic,

of mad complexity), with another - the developments of the baykovsky companies aimed at increase in durability and durability of details. For example, the Standard Industries company presented first long

the tempered axis for freestyle that allowed to use, skewbald with new technology of fastening - deep socket bolt on (they were fastened by a bolt, as on modern baizes). But nevertheless the greatest

merit in new development of freestyle Matt - at Hoffman - belonged at.

Separate groups of riders sought for association and participation in the competitions which are not limiting style of their driving in competitions to free rules. People wanted understanding and

of acceptance of their culture. And they received it. Matt Hoffman carried out BS - Bicycle Stunt - series of competitions. It were the first competitions which proved that what there are less rules and than bezbashenny participants, it is better than

for those. Without any exception, flet, vert and street - everything was there. Whether there were you the pro or only a beginner - there was no difference. The BS series was the beginning for X - Games and B3 (X - Trials).

There was a « magazine; Ride also presented freestyle in such form in what nobody did it earlier. They allowed obscene words on the pages and gave advertizing of the small companies.

Hoffman Bikes it was untwisted and the rayding began to approach the highest point of the development. It seems that it was the best year for competitions. Riders were realized at last that can make changes in

the industry and began to do it. GT and Haro, being not able to compete with other firms which were letting out all new baizes began to remake the. GT was so popular,

that it took the most part of the market. Dennis McCoy won BS and following the results of a year became the best. But to the arena there was a new rider which began to step on Dennis heels - at. It was the Canadian of Jay Miron.

In 1995 ESPN (television channel) begins vigorous activity. Hoffman decided to give up competitions and to be engaged in the flannelette company. BS passes under control of ESPN. First of all, they cleaned

from competitions of beginners. Told that would wish to get rid also of a fletlend. And made this McGoo porridge. It was present stupor . He urged children not to ride, and explained what

a waste of time is participation of beginners in competitions. And it was only necessary to hold competitions for 500 children for three days. And people would tell about it much better, than ESPN or

any magazine. All knew that there are guys who will pass 1000 kilometers to take the last place among beginners and will arrive home with big desire to ride, than ever!

In 1996 ESPN continues talk on an exception fletlend from X - Games (the former BS). Times when in magazines there were about 10 - 15 photos of flatland depart. Vert becomes the main direction. Then

began to do 900 and Flair (a somersault back by 180 degrees), and it was necessary to make the same on a bigger departure. The street becomes the most interesting at competitions as platforms change from the place to the place.

the Different arrangement of springboards forces to ride riders differently in each new place. Absolutely to limit number of riders, ESPN began to allow to participation of 30 people in each

class among professionals and middlings . All riders have to be registered in advance. Riders forced to ride on the same routes, as scooters and skateboarders. As if badly

did not sound, it is not a doomsday yet.

Today, VMH - sport in Europe and, in particular is enormously popular in America that is confirmed by abundance of competitions. Among annually carried out, it is possible to allocate X - Games,

of Beach Bash (discipline of Vert), the King of Dirt tournament, tournaments for a cup of Red Bull, Urban Games. Each staff or the city abounds with skateparks that provides people in everyday trainings, gives to

the chance of youth to self-actualize and let out the mad energy in the peace purposes.