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The history bmx

History bmx is not so fascinating as parkour history. Bicycle Moto Extreme appeared at the beginning of 70 - x years in the USA, allegedly in the State of California. Young fans of cross-country race dreamed to do something similar, at least by bicycles. So at first in handicraft conditions, and then and at factory the first bmx - a bike with small wheels was made.

The first bicycles were not so convenient as modern. Their wheel did not turn by 360 degrees, there were many other shortcomings. But sport developed. Thematic magazines began to appear, firms improved models of bicycles, enthusiasts arranged competitions. Therefore to 90 - ym to years of bmx it was created in a full-fledged sport.

BMX is stunt sport. Athletes ride the bicycles which are specially adapted to carry out various tricks. There are several types of bmx.

Flet - driving and tricks on the asphalted, flat routes. Quite difficult kind of bmx. The athlete tries to obtain from himself and the bicycle of a maximum on absolutely flat platform. There are no auxiliary obstacles. Demands ability to hold well balance and dexterity.

Vert (a half - payp) - driving in the special stage similar to what is used by skateboarders. Here ability to gather a high speed is required and, having dispersed to carry out various bmx tricks. Very injury-causing kind of bmx. It is important not to break down, not to take off out of stage limits.

The street - driving on city streets. Athletes use natural conditions. For bmx of tricks ladders, a handrail, parapets and other elements of city architecture are used. Speed here is almost not important, and here dexterity and an ingenuity are of great importance. Charm strita that obstacles every time are unique also execution too. It does street very spectacular look popular with the audience.

A racing - one of the most popular types in Russia. This competition on the special route which surely includes from 6 to 12 in advance prepared obstacles and from 3 to 6 turns. For start there are eight athletes at once. In our country there are a lot of bmx clubs of a racing.

Cross-country - high-speed movement on the special route with a large number of jumps. Beautiful and spectacular bmx direction.

The most popular youth direction undoubtedly it is possible to call street . Anything surprising. To begin to be engaged in bmx with strita simplest. It is enough to buy the suitable bicycle also it is possible to be engaged. Young people carry out by hours in parks and on platforms where there is a lot of concrete, benches, metal. BMX - the beautiful and spectacular sport though undoubtedly very dangerous. Demands good physical training, the biemikser has to merge practically with the iron friend.

The choice of the bicycle for occupations of bmx - the most important point for the beginning athlete.