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Many-sided Pu-erh or How to surprise and show care by means of the New Year`s gift?

Come nearer New year - magic time of holiday vanity, purchase of gifts. But what to give?? To darling or darlings / parents, the relatives / girlfriend or the friend / employee and management / business - to the partner?

Supports, figurines, vases, hours, caskets, daily logs, handles, baseball caps, t-shirts The list of repeatedly presented things can be continued infinitely, everyone has it the.

So wants to buy something, than it is possible to surprise really the person, to show care, to express gratitude.

The gift such is, and every year more and more people choose it. It is elite tea with the sonorous name Pu-erh which is loved now by absolutely different representatives of society: from modern youth with progressive views to people with high inquiries to quality and taste of elite tea.

This Chinese tea combines qualities which can give a gift to unforgettable: unusual form ( " pancake; bowl brick ) non-standard taste and aroma, aristocraticness, height, favorable impact on an organism. Everyone will be glad to such gift. It can be presented as antiquarian, especially valuable thing.

Tea Pu-erh is an unusual tea which can surprise even with a pressing form. Source: www. TeaPuer.
In detail the CEO of " group of companies can tell ru to

about it; SEDEK carrying out exclusive deliveries of Pu-erh of the Chinese " brand; Pagoda admirer of the Chinese tea, supporter of a healthy lifestyle Sergey Dubinin:

It is possible to Talk about tea Pu-erh endlessly. In it all is interesting: from process of production to the properties and opportunities hidden in it.

Really I managed to feel and understand taste, an essence, Pu-erh philosophy a few years ago at a tea ceremony in China. At that time I was anxious with a problem of excess weight. Weighing 120 kg I had problems with pressure, level of sugar and cholesterol in blood and so on. And at a ceremony through the translator - the simultaneous interpreter I was told (besides other surprising facts) that Pu-erh promotes clarification of an organism from toxins and slags, normalizes pressure and work of all internal systems of an organism and helps to grow thin!

Since then I collect qualitative Pu-erh and I drink this tea every day. Sceptics say that it is impossible to grow thin from one Pu-erh that all its properties are an invention. Yes, it is impossible to grow thin only from one Pu-erh. But he, thanks to property of soft cleaning of an organism, as if prepares a body for dumping of weight. So, having made the system of weight loss, I dumped 44 kg (from 120 to 76 to), and several years I hold weight. And tea Pu-erh, I consider, plays a huge role in this success.

" Pu-erh; rescues at those moments when it is necessary to depart from rules of system. For example, in business trips or on the future New Year`s holidays with the tables which are traditionally bursting with snack and dishes. I refused alcohol, but many use it in considerable quantity at this time. Puer perfectly neutralizes consequences of such holidays. Weight in a stomach and in all body, unpleasant health from abundance of viands is removed several cups of Puer. It is possible to drink it after a feast, and it is possible - next day to feel fresh also updated.

" Pu-erh; Pagoda it is packed into thin rice paper. It live tea, it has to breathe. Source: www. TeaPuer. ru

Positive impact on health is not the only thing that can attract in Puer. Someone loves Shiu Puer (black) for its ability to give relaxation after the unlucky working day. It can even be drunk in the evening, without worrying about sleeplessness.

Sheng Puer (green) - opposite, active tea. In it fermentation processes continue, he lives throughout all storage, and shares energy of life with the one who wants to receive it. It is better to drink such tea since morning to be loaded with energy for all day. It is much more useful, than coffee or, especially, energy drinks.

To enjoy the true taste of Puer and to receive from it the maximum advantage, it needs to be able to be made correctly. And here some councils for a tea zavarivaniye Puer in house conditions.

Scald a small porcelain or glass teapot. Fill in with hot water 5 - 7 g (1 - 1,5 h l.) dry leaves of Puer. The first zavarivaniye is necessary only for cleaning and revival of tea leaves therefore water needs to be merged.

Fill in leaves with ˚ clear water 80 - 90; With (it is so-called young boiled water). Through of 20 - 40 seconds Puer is ready, and you can spill it on cups. Remember that it does not need to be diluted with water. These are not tea leaves, it is the most tasty ready drink!

Unlike usual tea, Puer holds taste and aroma even after 10 zavarivaniye! Especially Sheng Puer: terpkovaty at first, with each subsequent tea leaves taste is softened, becomes easier, fresh.

Shiu Puer holds 6 - 8 zavarivaniye, more and more developing a taste of baked milk. I like to make Shiu Puer in a thermos and to take it with myself in trips, on business meetings, exhibitions, other actions. If the boiled water source is near, then I can drink the tea for a long time, without changing tea leaves. Remember, Sheng Puer does not love a thermos as he does not transfer long insisting of tea leaves, begins to taste bitter.

Should not be added in Puer sugar or sakharozamenitel! So you you will kill the true taste of Puer also you will make tea drinking senseless.

Puer`s taste needs to enjoy. It reveals better when you, having extended lips, involve drink with a sound. In Russia it is considered a bad form, but the real fans of the Chinese tea drink Puer quite so. Drink washes all mouth, influences flavoring receptors. Remember, earlier so drank tea in villages, pouring drink in a saucer. But here instead of saucers - small cups on 2 - 3 drinks.

In the Russian and Chinese tea culture there are a lot of common features, and I often compare the Chinese tea ceremony to tea drinking in the village at the grandmother in the childhood. The difference is that in China honor centuries-old traditions, propagandize, are proud of them. At us samovars and many tea traditions consigned to the past long ago. They were succeeded by bags of tea dust, and tea drinking happens on the run .

The tea culture can be revived if to drink the correct tea correctly. Puer for this purpose - ideal option. I personally was on tea plantations of the Province of Yunnan (the tea homeland Puer), and also at " factory; Limin where watched technological process of production of tea. I precisely know that " Pu-erh; Pagoda - it not only is tasty, it is useful, fashionably, aristocratically, but also is very qualitative.

New Year`s holidays approach, and you can get for the relatives or for yourself such gift which will want to be given (and to receive) during the whole year still more than once. From such tea as Puer, it is almost impossible to refuse .