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What car to choose for a wedding?

the Car at a wedding - obligatory attribute. Any celebration does not do without it today. The car - not only a vehicle, but also a prestige indicator, the place of temporary shelter and rest.

Today the list of wedding cars is very wide. Depending on your taste, style of a wedding and financial opportunities before you the broadest choice of cars for a wedding opens. Let`s consider in detail all possible options.

A limousine

the Limousine is the car having the closed body extended with a special insert between forward and back doors with the glazed partition between front and other seats. A limousine - the car of a representative class, it is made for the top officials of the state, the VIP - persons and TOP - heads, and also for the ceremonies - weddings.

On svadmbe it is possible to refer its luxury and comfort, spaciousness and, as a rule, originality to advantages of use of a limousine (hardly in the city two identical limousines will meet). If you decide to order a limousine, then, perhaps, other wedding car is not required to you any more. For a small amount of people will be enough and one limousine: the groom and the bride (2), their parents (4), witnesses (2), and still places 2 will remain for a photo - and the video operator. In a limousine service - royal! Here to you both the cooled drinks, and music, and phone, and even the TV. And the most important - comfort!

It is possible to carry its dimensions to shortcomings of a limousine. On close small streets and in city traffic jams it can be a serious problem. Therefore if you decide to order a limousine on a wedding, carefully think over a wedding route.

Cost of hire of a limousine: 60 - 100 c.u. an hour.

Cars of a representative class

Cars of a representative class are top of engineering thought in design of the car for a comfortable trip. In such cars everything is thought over for trifles, everything is provided that nothing distracted newlyweds from their celebration. Available surely the conditioner, spacious salon (it is very convenient for the bride with a wide dress), soft convenient sitting. Road performance of such car will not allow you to feel roughnesses of our roads.

As a rule, sedans of the last brands of such producers as Mercedes, Toyota, AUDI, BMW, Chrysler belong to cars of a representative class. They proved only from the best party long ago.

Cars of a representative class are almost ideal choice for holding weddings as their dimensions there are much less limousines (that allows to increase maneuverability in an intense city traffic), but do not concede to them in comfort at all. Unless you should employ 2 cars for transportation of that number of guests with which one limousine would cope.

Cost of hire of the car of a representative class: 25 - 50 c.u. in hour

Cars business - a class

Cars business - a class, apparently from the name, are intended for businessmen. They are urged to emphasize the high status of its owner and to provide it a comfort maximum. For this reason this car will be very pertinent on a wedding celebration. Elegance and severity of the car business - a class will help the groom to feel on so gala day at world top.

During creation of cars business - a class the most advanced technologies and design decisions are used. The uncompromising comfort is indispensable attribute of such car.

And at all these advantages such cars are almost deprived of shortcomings. We strongly recommend to stop the choice on this class of cars. The wide model range will not disappoint you (Mercedes, Toyota, AUDI, BMW, Nissan, Volvo).

Cost of hire of the car of a business class: 15 - 40 c.u. in hour

Cars the house-keeper - a class Cars the house-keeper - a class are, as a rule, presented to

by domestic brands or inexpensive foreign cars. The low price of the car involves decrease in level of comfort for passengers. Such cars have less spacious salon, not the most successful suspension bracket that affects smoothness of the course. The conditioner in such cars is installed extremely seldom.

But along with all these shortcomings at cars the house-keeper - a class is one big dostoinsto - the cost of lease of such car several times lower, than at cars representative and business - a class. So if you are under strained circumstances, then and among cheap cars will be able to find quite acceptable option (for example, Skoda, Opel, Daewoo).

The cost of hire of the car the house-keeper - a class: about 10 c.u. in hour

of the Retro - cars

of the Retro - cars with guarantee will draw attention to your wedding. Carefully restored, they completely correspond to the analogs 30 - 60 - x years of the last century. But this similarity only external. As a rule, the inside of these cars is improved, modern engines are installed, the running gear is modernized. Of course, inside not so spacious salon, as at cars a premium - a class, but also not so close to feel discomfort.

The cost of hire of a retro - the car: 15 - 70 c.u. in hour

Minibuses to

Minibuses at a wedding are useful that they accomodate many guests (15 - 20 people) and do not take at the same time a lot of place on the road and the parking that is very actual in big cities with the recovered traffic.

Cost of hire of the minibus: 10 - 20 c.u. an hour.