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How to become self-assured? Author Roman Pavlovsky.

Before saying about how to become self-assured, we will consider the uncertainty emergence reasons. Each of us is born confident in the desires, that he wants and that does.

Simple example ― observe children of two years which were not in kindergarten yet. I have an adult son who is 15 years old, and to two daughter is six and two years. And the possibility of supervision over process of their growing, plus knowledge of psychology and personal experience to me allow to speak with confidence on this subject.

And so if my younger daughter wants to drive on a swing on the street, then she will surely ride them, and the father (i.e. I) will help it to get on them and will swing so much how many she will want.

Children well know what is wanted and always surely receive the. All their actions are directed to receiving pleasure from life. Children come to this world full of opportunities, opened and not formatted us, adults.

What happens to them then why all people we become diffident, suffer?

It we are guilty that we do by the education of them diffident and abilities of people. And it occurs because ourselves are brought so up Wednesday, kindergarten, school, institute, army that got used to submit to foreign desires but not to realize the. What to do to interrupt a vicious circle? Where to find a way out?

And everything as it appears, simply. Further you will understand it, and then and will be able to become self-assured. I once as well as you, looked for an exit from this situation and found. And I was helped with it by books. I read many books, passed several special trainings and I know the answer to the question how to become self-assured? .

I will not stop in detail on that, our parents manipulate us for the convenience, sometimes without understanding that they do and what can lead it subsequently to.

Example: Eat for the father, for mother... Or: To be enough it is, the stomach will hurt .

I said to you that you will fall, and you did not listen .

You will not sleep, the Baba-yaga will come and will take away with herself . you will not study

, you will work as the janitor.

And so on, it is possible to give many examples of manipulation of parents with children.

You will tell: And what to do? And nothing, let children do that want, and it is worth stopping them in case it threatens their life! You on the first steps of the little person give him the chance to learn the world and after to become self-assured and in the actions.

About examples of manipulations at school, institute and army I will not call... After some processings parents this Wednesday already easier is perceived by the little person. And many quickly adapt to certain rules and norms. there is no

A who ― to become the derelict.

And all this kills in the child self-confidence and by that takes away from him the future. We absolutely forget

about the main thing ― thoughts have ability to materialize.

We are accustomed: to be the rich should study, to work hard; the doctrine - light, and a neuchenye - darkness and so on.

I will open for you a small secret: many rich and wealthy people have no higher education, and at times did not even graduate from school or studied, but in comparison with other peers, very badly.

There is a lot of examples - John Davidson Rockefeller, Albert Einstein, Vladimir Dovgan... Even the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev writes in the memories of study at school: During some periods studied absolutely not exactly. But at some point understood that if I do not begin to study normally, then at me something can not turn out in life in general. As a result graduated from school very not bad .

I could become an inventor because in the childhood did not go to " school; - Thomas Edison

A here of a sign, those people who badly studied or did not graduate from the institute at all: Michael Dell, Bil Gates, Roman Abramovich (data on the higher education are inconsistent): After leaving school he could not come to one of the Moscow higher education institutions and turned out a complete fiasco, after nevertheless entered the Ukhta industrial institute from which he was deducted literally in several months of study.

What gave them the chance to reach all that they reached? It is non-standard to think of ability, positive thinking, ability to dream and self-confidence!


the man approaches in the Morning a mirror, stares in it.

I will read confident tone to speak: I schnook! I schnook! I schnook!

Approaches the wife and asks it: You what do?

Yes here, in the book is so written, the book is called Training of self-confidence itself look. the Woman takes

the book, looks and answers:

- the Moron, is written " here; I am a macho!

We found out from where uncertainty in itself undertakes, and now we will learn to be self-assured.

How to make it?

to Believe that you are unique. To believe that everyone has opportunities and resources for realization of any desire. It so! If to believe in it, then any failure will be only one of steps on the way to your success.

In what the coward differs from the hero? The fact that they equally feel fear the hero can change

to it the relation and direct the energy to a victory. Any event in our life is neutral, we it do it positive or negative. I Will remind

THAT our THOUGHTS are MATERIAL! That as well as what we think of, very important.

Exercise for self-confidence:

you Will write down five statements on paper, four first of which are not called in question, and the fifth will describe that quality which you want to improve in yourself.

1. I... your name, surname

2. I... man, or woman

3. I was born in the city..... the city where you were born

4. The sun rises every day in the east.

5. I am self-assured!

Repeat it aloud five times and do every day.

Other exercise:

Every hour I become even more self-assured! every day I become even more self-assured than

! every week I become even more self-assured than

! every month I become even more self-assured than

! Every year I become even more self-assured than


Repeat it aloud five times and do every day

What your feelings after exercise execution?

What you feel?

What we tell to other people we say to ourselves and once again we convince to ourselves of told.

Is property of words opened still ancient.

of the Word are waves!

I as in an old proverb: the word can cripple, and can cure.

Properties of holy water are known to all. Crystals of the worshipped water even change structure, in comparison with usual. It is scientifically a fact in evidence. Snowflakes, the frozen usual and holy water to differ, the last it is more beautiful. Holy water is also stored more in comparison with usual water, it received the priest`s prayer, that is the same words!

Not for nothing in the Russian fairy tales is descriptions about live and dead water. And it, dear readers, absolutely any more not the fairy tale.

people for 80 percent consist of water! And all live on the earth cannot live without water.

So, telling itself these exercises, you change structure of water in yourself, you change yourself.

I have patience, changes in your life will happen soon, it is only necessary to suffer, earlier you thought in a different way.

I the fact that changes happen not at once, is result of work of your last, not positive thoughts. In total at you it to turn out!

of Change occur and are fixed in a human body within 85 days! During this time all old cages of an organism are updated!

It is also possible to work also on other positive installations and to change the life.

Happiness, love, wealth, health...

of Success to you, be self-assured!