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It is how difficult to replace a matrix in the laptop?

Author: Lions

we Will begin O. I. with the quote: A laptop matrix - one of its most fragile parts. It is worth dropping the laptop or to step on it a leg and it right there fails, black blots and cracks " appear;.

Who could think! Actually it is not obligatory to drop the laptop or to step on it a leg at all. There is a mass of less radical ways to deprive the mobile computer of the screen.

Widespread option - to close a laptop cover, without having cleaned foreign objects from its case: handle, pencil, computer mouse, food cable loop. Sometimes rather small, almost imperceptible blow in transit or carrying. The cover is whole, and the screen began to flow. Happens fault to all there are too hard loops. The result one - a matrix needs to be changed.

Replacement of a matrix of the laptop is how difficult? Whether it is possible to make it independently or better to charge this business to the expert? If to watch information on the Internet, then most of sellers of matrixes traditionally describe any horror stories about harm of independent installation of the display in the laptop. In the most part it is reinsurance or desire to receive payment for operation on replacement of a matrix of the laptop.

Whether it is possible to make everything independently? When the visitor asks workers of service: Tell, and I will be able.? - it is answered at best: At all difficult there is nothing here, but we cannot be responsible for your qualification .

Our person not only can, but also wants to make everything independently! It should be noted that many firms remove a guarantee if installation happened not in their service center. It is unlikely it is a problem as on antiimmediacy of a matrix all the same nobody gives guarantees. You saw sometime a matrix which died a natural death? I personally am not present.

So, you decided to make replacement independently. You need the laptop, a working matrix, the small krestovy screw-driver, a rake with the rounded edges, the laptop power supply unit, a paper adhesive tape.

Surely remove the rechargeable battery completely to cut off power the device, when dismantling the laptop casual short circuits are possible, and as a result - it is necessary to repair not only the display.

Connect the power supply unit, without connecting it to a network.

Enclose any suitable subject, for example the thick book under a laptop cover. As we remember, the book - the best gift! Remove caps on a laptop cover frame, unscrew screws, remove a frame. Disconnect loops and sockets. Turn off screws which the matrix fastens to loops. Connect a new matrix. Check for start. If everything successfully grew together, power off and collect the device in the return sequence.

As you can see, there is no difficult nothing. But there are nuances.

The majority of matrixes of laptops of identical characteristics are interchanged. Majority, but not all. For example, almost at all Dell - ov and some IBM - ov at matrixes the insertions. The display from other laptop or does not work at all, or not all functions work for it (for example, function of management of brightness). Sometimes individual incompatibility on screen iron meets the device.

In the conditions of service it is easy to correct it. As a rule, there are always available several displays with the same characteristics, but it is a little other marking, or it can be ordered quickly. And if you change the screen at home - it can become a problem (and will turn back excess trips, at least).