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How Gabrielle Chanel had Coco nickname?

of Coco Chanel - without this name cannot be presented history of fashion and perfumery of the 20th century. The name of the great fashion-maker became a symbol for a long time, it lives in her creations

Of little Gabrielle`s childhood knows a little, and besides many facts of this period are very inconsistent. It is precisely known that she was born on August 19 in 1883 - m to year in the city of Saumur (the western France). As for a family in which she was born, there is also a set of various versions, but all of them meet in one that it was very poor family which had even no constant housing.

All the life Gabrielle Chanel tried to suppress the facts of the poor childhood. She was afraid that journalists can learn about its illegitimate origin, about death of her mother in 33 years from exhaustion, and that her father simply - naprosto threw - left the house and did not return... Never she mentioned a monastic shelter Korrez in whom it was brought up from 12 years. She even thought up an own legend of the childhood. Far more respectably the version about the cozy and pure house of two strict aunts who actually did not exist sounded. In a shelter she began to invent a story of the life. I am not an orphan - the girl declared, - my father went to America. He will arrive soon and will buy the big house .

Having left board, it was arranged to work as the seller in knitted shop in Mulena. In off-duty time Gabrielle sang in a concert hall La Rotonde where officers gathered generally. Very young and attractive Gabriel though without possessing a beautiful singing voice, but, nevertheless, enjoyed popularity at visitors for execution of two very cheerful songs: Ko Ko Ri Ko and Qui qu a vu Coco? . For as got the nickname of Coco fixed for the rest of life.

The truth Coco did not like to remember the singing career and explained this nickname in own way: My father adored me and called a tsyplenochok (in French - the cook) . Coco did not achieve special progress in musical career, but got close friendship with some wealthy men who helped it to make a meteoric career.

In the XX century the name of Coco Chanel became one of the most famous in the world of fashion. Even the special term - Chanel`s style - simple, practical and elegant appeared.

A spirits - Chanel No. 5 legend, thought up by famous Coco, remain still a symbol of elegant luxury.

To the death Coco kept diligence. Ideas of new suits came to it even in a dream and when she woke up, at once began to work. Gabrielle Chanel`s

died silent death on January 10, 1971 - go years at the age of 88 years in number luxury of " hotel; Ritz in Paris, opposite to Chanel`s House known for the whole world. The income of its empire for that time made 160 million dollars a year, and in its clothes there were only three dresses, but very stylish " dress; as the Great Queen Mody would tell.