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Get acquainted, a girasol of

the Girasol known in the people as a wild sunflower, a solar root, an earth pear, it was delivered to Russia as a herb, in the 17th century from North America. The name, a girasol, received in honor of the tribe of Indians of Brazil - TUPINAMBA. Tubers contain unique vitaminno - mineral structure. But, unfortunately the plant did not receive to itself due consideration that most likely is a consequence of banal ignorance by many people of true advantage which it can bring to an organism and health.

the Scientists studying structure of a girasol were surprised with a variety of the vitamins and minerals which are its part. In vitamin structure of tubers of a girasol the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) exceeding contents in potatoes by 5 times is emitted. On the content of iron, the girasol considerably surpasses other tubers (carrots, potatoes, turnip, beet and so forth) . Besides, are a part of a girasol: potassium, calcium, silicon, magnesium, sodium, fluorine, chrome, etc. minerals. The girasol contains cellulose, pectin, organic acids, fats, proteins and irreplaceable amino acids. The girasol and vitamins is rich: B1, B2, B6, C. Carotene in a girasol of 60 - 70 mg on 1 kilogram. Also it contains RR vitamin and carotinoids.

a girasol distinguishes a unique carbohydrate complex on the basis of fructose From other vegetables and its polymers: fruktooligosakharida and inulin. Fruktooligosakharida Pri`s

the use of fruktooligosakharid in intestines happens normalization of the microbic status to increase in absorption from intestines of ions of calcium and magnesium. Fruktooligosakharida have low caloric content and therefore are recommended to the people having diabetes and obesity.

One of the main medicinal properties of a girasol - the highest concentration of rare natural biologically active agent - inulin. Inulin - the only natural polysaccharide consisting for 95% of fructose. Inulin exerts beneficial influence during all time spent in a human body - beginning from hit in a stomach and finishing with allocation.

In - the first, inulin carries out function of extremely active sorbent capable to connect and bring out of an organism a large amount of the toxic and ballast substances getting inside with food or which are formed in intestines in the course of digestion.

In - the second, it considerably stimulates physical activity zheludochno - an intestinal path (motility and a vermicular movement). Inulin, getting in zheludochno - an intestinal path, it is split by hydrochloric acid and enzymes on separate molecules of fructose and short fructose chains which get into the blood course. Remained not split, the part of inulin is quickly removed, having connected by itself a large amount of substances unnecessary an organism, such as heavy metals, radionuclides, the cholesterol crystals, fatty acids, various toxic chemical compounds which got to an organism with food or formed in the course of activity of the pathogenic microbes living in intestines.

B - the third, inulin and short fructose chains (inulin fragments) possess the expressed zhelchegonny action which amplifies in connection with the simplification of outflow of bile from a liver and a gall bladder in a duodenum caused by improvement of depletion of intestines. Inulin, passing on zheludochno - to an intestinal path, connects cholesterol crystals, dense lipoproteins, reduces giroglikemiya level. This substance - inulin - promotes utilization of glucose in a human body.

the Girasol is rich with pectinaceous substances. Pectins - high-molecular carbohydrates of which the membrane of a cage and intercellular substance consists.

Cellulose. The human body acquires not all eaten food, a certain part it is not digested, and is just brought out of an organism. Long time scientists were convinced that cellulose is not necessary to an organism and is even harmful. In the middle of the XX century nutritionists assured, the cleared products - the most useful, and the world enjoyed the cleared refined food until the worrying fact became replaced: the more refined food was eaten by the person, the more overcame his gastritises, colitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitises, malignant tumors.

Tubers of a girasol are rich with PROTEIN (3,2%, in solid). Especially there is a lot of in a potassium girasol. And as it is known, potassium is important for maintenance of a cardiac muscle. The healthy person has to consume daily with food about 3,5 g of potassium. Therefore to aged people, especially for those who has heart troubles powder from a girasol is necessary. Potassium is the main cation of intracellular liquid, regulates functions of nerves and muscles, including, warm, and vodno - a salt exchange in an organism;

Phosphorus - is a component of bones, teeth, takes part in regulation of a metabolism in an organism, its shortcoming negatively influences activity of a thyroid gland and exerts impact on a condition of a bone tissue.

Is lame - the " component; a tolerance factor to " glucose; what in combination with inulin and pectin strengthens preventive action of a girasol and the extract received from it concerning diabetes. Silicon. increases elasticity of walls of arteries and reduces their permeability.