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What is passed in federal state educational standards?

With interest were read by FGOS. Remarkable work and good requirements to graduates. Society very much needs such people. But there is a defined problem or even problems here. On which I would like to focus attention.

In - the first, even perfectly painted skills on mathematics and other objects, for some reason and remain not received by most of school students. Despite long experience of teaching traditional objects, existence of quite good textbooks (though not all modern textbooks are among good, unfortunately), volume methodical support and achievements of certain successful pupils. That is all these good intentions for of the majority school students remain on paper.

It turns out that something is passed by that does not allow to reach all pupils very necessary for work and life of skills. And it is something remains a riddle as the level of training of school students continues to fall, it does not even remain to the same! If earlier ALL pupils by heart knew the multiplication table, then now it is known only by those with whom grandmothers of the house were engaged.

In FGOS words is not present how to change this situation, and it means that something and remains secret for the experts who developed FGOS. What the secret such which for centuries remains unknown to a huge number of practicians and theorists of education is? Whether someone approached its opening?

Yes. Good news consists that the reason of failures and poor progress is open, methods of successful training are developed and many years are successfully applied at many schools and other educational institutions worldwide. Pupils of such schools show much better the acquired knowledge, than ordinary school students. And it is not some super - the ingenious children who passed special selection. Such results are received by the most ordinary children, and their teachers differ from teachers of usual schools only in one - they know and are able to apply the discoveries in the field of training made by the famous American humanist Ron Hubbard in 50 - 60 - x years of the last century.

In many years of its opening learned not only in the English-speaking countries, but also around the world. Programs and books are translated to the majority of languages of the world long ago, and including into Russian. In Russia many years there are schools which are successfully applying these opening. It is possible to get acquainted with opening in the " Centers; Applied education (so in Russian the name of the international organization Applied Scholastics which acquaints teachers of the whole world with these opening sounds) in particular, in parent organization - Applied formation of the CIS in Moscow.

The second problem about which I want to tell - lack of objects and textbooks in the school program which would allow to achieve the results which are written down in FGOS: Educational cooperation: ability to agree, distribute work, to estimate the contribution and the general result of activity. Experience of communication with peers and adults . And further: For the first time at all steps of training all-educational abilities, skills and ways of activity are marked out to that promotes both to complete submission of the contents of school education, and its activity development. Activity nature of education, an orientation of content of education on formation of the general educational skills, the generalized ways educational, informative, communicative , practical, creative activities, on receiving by pupils of experience of this activity

For traditional objects there are approved textbooks in which there are all necessary data and descriptions, and pupils can receive these skills at lessons of mathematics, Russian and other lessons.

For example: As a result of studying of Russian the pupil has to know / understand significant parts of the word; signs of the studied parts of speech; As a result of studying of mathematics the pupil has to know / understand sequence of numbers within 100 000; table of addition and subtraction of digits; table of multiplication and division of digits...

That is - for the given examples there are textbooks, teachers are trained, training goes practically since antique times, in textbooks there are corresponding definitions, there are exercises, carrying out which pupils can understand and acquire these data. And still still many school students do not acquire it, about the reasons of what I wrote at the beginning of the article.

But on what subject and of what textbooks what teachers can teach such the skills, necessary for life and work, specified in FGOS: At the main school trained have to learn to set independently the purposes and to define ways of their achievement ? And further, in the section STANDARD of the PRIMARY GENERAL EDUCATION subsection General educational abilities, skills and ways of activity : ability to agree, distribute work, to estimate the contribution and the general result of activity. communicative activity

As we can see from life - very much lack skills of communication for success at work, study, in a family. Very many cannot set the object, develop the plan of its successful achievement and achieve these objectives. Many are not able to estimate results of work, behavior of other people (including teachers at schools are not able to do it, from - for what the mass of frustration at pupils from - for any estimates. And the inability to estimate the identity of pupils results in serious difficulties in certain cases - for other school students, teachers and eventually - for society).

According to what textbooks and on what school subject by what technique and who will teach school students to these skills if teachers do not own them? (Mathematics and other objects of the teacher at the heart of the perfectly own.)

How learned are those who nevertheless achieve success? Usually on own cones and the experience. On incidentally found books in shops or at friends. Systematically do not teach it neither at schools, nor in higher education institutions.

Is considered that people receive skills of communication in practice. Only it reminds training in swimming in the way of throwing in a current. Yes, someone to something learns, but many - that sink! Even according to excellent textbooks many cannot learn mathematics though they teach their years it. And there are even no textbooks, there are no communication teachers, on ability to estimate, on the purposes - it is how logical to wait for high achievements? They just have no place to undertake! Those who achieved result reached him, some enigmatically, and it does not know usually - as same can reach others. How to solve this problem?

And here too it is possible to receive the help from Applied education . There for a long time are made and successfully provided programs on which any can improve the communicative skills, learn to estimate yielded and results, as well as other people.

To learn to set the purposes, to plan their achievement and to achieve the planned result.

My purpose is not the advertizing Applied education . I just paid attention to some problems which are available in modern Russian education and for which there is no decision in FGOS, and also on some requirements which are simply declared in FGOS, but about which never even reflected - as them to reach. And therefore achievement them was not organized and it was not investigated - as them to reach (for example how to improve skills of communication). These problems are not solved at school now and never solved. Perhaps, right now somewhere in Academy of pedagogical sciences someone works on it. But time nobody published problems of reports, any even approximately similar to the decision, to me is thought that soon new and practical decisions and will not appear. In this light of the solution which proposes Applied education and which can be seen, studied and tested, can help to achieve those the purposes which are set in FGOS.

Igor Kazarinov