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How modern animated films become?

for anybody not a secret that practically modern animated films do all on the computer long ago, but do not draw on films or mold from plasticine. Even the simplest 2D multfilima become on the computer. Today the Russian animation endures rise, and new qualitative animated films even more often appear on screens of our movie theaters. But in comparison with the western animation we nevertheless catastrophically lag behind.

Why so poorly good animated films it is made at us in the country? Let`s try will answer this question: Because process of creation of the good animated film with modern graphics very much and very labor-consuming. Let`s consider step by step creation of one short animated cartoon we will assume lasting no more than 10 minutes (for an example we will take creation of studio of already known domestic studio the animated film Masha and a bear ).

What we have: After characters of our animated film are approved on paper and models from plasticine are stuck together, it is possible to start modeling in 3D (we want to make a beautiful animated cartoon).

Before modeling it is necessary to prepare the accurate image of the character ( the sketch ): it is similar to the drawing on which the character is represented in a neutral pose in front and sideways. There is a set of ways of modeling in the three-dimensional environment, but the basic is considered polygonal.

The ground is a polygon which consists from 3 - x and more points (tops) connected among themselves by edges. As a rule, try to do the grounds consisting from 4 - x tops. Connecting among themselves grounds, it is possible to create almost any object. In the course of work the modeller creates, connects and squeezes out grounds until they do not begin to correspond to earlier created sketches of the character.

When modeling not the whole character but only his half which in a consequence is duplicated, displayed specularly and the turned-out 2 halves are sewed (provided that it is not the one-eyed pirate), forming the whole model is created. Development and texturing of the character goes the following stage after modeling.

A storyboard ( of storyboard ) - the sequence of drawings serving as an evident illustration of the future the animated film can be told - its paper version. She helps the director to plan scenes of future movie or a roller to the smallest details in advance.

As it is known the movie or the cartoon consists of separate plans - large, the general, average, distant etc. And so, in a storyboard each future plan is replaced with one or several (to show the movement of a chamber) drawings. At first the director draws cucumbers - drawings in " style; stick, stick, ogurechik then artists create a storyboard of future movie. At this stage it is important to see integrity of all picture whether it is logical to check all whether dynamics is lost, whether subject lines etc. of

One more step to realness - texturing are worked out

When the model of the character is ready, it is possible to start his texturing. The texture is an image which is imposed on a 3D model surface to give it a fakturnost, color or relief (look what beautiful bear it turned out in the animated film which we took as an example). Texturing is very important stage in production of a 3D model: it gives to the artist the chance to add fine details, such as cracks, wrinkles, roughnesses and roughnesses, giving it a realistic look.

And now see again everything that was discussed above. And so is a little bit of what else in passing becomes at a portrayal and revival each of characters. One animator on average for the working day manages to draw qualitatively how many you would think? Whole second (!!!) animated film.

Because process of creation of high-quality animation so labor-consuming - the Russian studios cannot make those volumes of animated cinema which are stamped by the West. In interview the director of one of domestic 3D studios told that he on creation of the full-length animated film can leave to 2 - x years of work.

We will hope that the Russian animation will reach due level of production and will please the domestic viewer with a qualitative anmation.