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How to carry away the person work, but not a salary?

I want to earn much - the worker says. To the employer in these words it is heard I want to work hard and it is necessary to hear I want a lot of money . It does not need your work, it needs only a salary. Take

it for a reference point, and you, at least, will save a lot of money on any motivating trainings, a paintball and other command to nonsense. To earn and work - not same. Certainly, at employment all of them want to work like mad. Sometimes even write in the summaries as very strongly they want to work. It is game such: to pretend what is not present in the world of bigger happiness, than to trade in carrots.

And what, they have to want to work?

If you are a director of shop, and the person came to work to you, unless he wants to work? Yes upas you God. Does not want, of course. What does he want? Clear business, salaries. If strongly it is necessary to you that people wanted to work, think up such work that people wanted to do it free of charge.

Some such works are already invented. For example, to be a part of the government or the State Duma. There, of course, is a salary, and all our People`s Deputies and members of the government - certainly! - only on it, only, also live which - as make ends meet. But - I am sure! - You guess, as absolutely free of charge for this work will be persons interested more than enough. For nothing will work, for thanks . And all this from love to fatherland, you think nothing of that kind.

And here to trade in carrots for thanks You will not find persons interested. Exceptions still, of course, are, but it is not enough of them: for example, young (or not really young) mother who stayed at home one or two years with the child and nearly went crazy from isolation. For it work, even without salary, will be for happiness. But, I will repeat, this rare exception. Besides, just women with small children most not willingly are employed.

Give from it and to dance. Our task is in that the worker came to work, but not behind a pay.

So, suppose, that the person has a salary, and he should not go to work. It will also not go. Once a month came, received, good-bye. It is easy to present it. And now we will try to imagine a situation when this happy person wants to go to work. He is not obliged to come, should not, has no need, and here he wants. It is possible? Yes, it is possible.

The love comes and leaves, and wants to be eaten always . Yes. The employer will organize process of food for workers. I understand that it is unprofitable, but it is worth it. If you do not feed the worker, he has to take care of it independently. And as he cares, it is better for you than it and not to know. Can directly eat soup in a trading floor, talking to the client. It is sure that you observed it more than once. Can leave behind pies at the most inappropriate moment. And where Vasya? - For lunch left . - And clients? - Well, so lunch! . And everything, you do not control the person. If you want to control, you feed. What hour was appointed for a lunch, and will be such. That is, we close buffoonery in a trading floor with bowls of pilaf and search of boiled water for instant noodles. Time. Self-willedally nobody leaves the workplace, for a lunch there is specially allotted lunch time. Two. We feed free of charge, these are three. Your worker came to a piece of bread to earn, and for it it is an essential increase. Here only upas you God to reproach the worker that he is a freeloader. Stamp legs and punish ruble, dismiss it, at last, but never reproach it with a piece of bread. Guess from three times why.

Just the food is a measure of proximity between people. Suggesting you to feed the workers, you are offered to to make your collective a family . Not team, but family. It is easy to leave a salary. Around it is full of competitors who pay for ruble more than yours. And here to leave a family very hard. That is, as a result we receive a minimum of routine of shots. Time. Expenses are training personnel less. Two. Your work is not measured only by a salary any more. Rub.

(Plus how many - that there money) in day of people spends about two hours to reach this work. To reach in narrowness of a minibus or (even worse!) the trolleybus to worry I will be in time - I will not be in time and then to think how to get home in rush hour, without having torn the last clothes, is not everyone will sustain. Therefore the person can before work once not reach at all (in sense, will decide not to suffer and stay at home). Organize delivery of employees to the place of work , and you will precisely know that nobody will be late.

Turn on the TV. On all channels there is one continuous Curve mirror . Well it or is bad? It is good. Because, so far to the person it is ridiculous, it will not hang itself . Similar to we can tell also about holidays. The more holidays, the better. It is a lot of " bread; You cannot give to the worker so remain shows . Jokes by means of the SMS or corporate mail. Sensible employ the person which is able to lighten people mood. Corporate host. You do not stint compliments, it works smoothly. Now it is fashionable to employ everyones " there; mysterious buyers which will imperceptibly test work of sellers, all their shortcomings will reveal, and then will abuse sellers for these revealed shortcomings. Well and what for? Let will be better it mysterious grateful buyers . Presented to your employees box of chocolates (cake), thanked for work. More advantage will be.

And in general, needs to be known who than lives . And if to the person it is bad (at home, for example, the conflicts), it is necessary to support him. That work for it became an outlet, a light strip, a saving circle. Theoretically in the company there has to be a special person (the host as it was told above) whose work is reduced to maintenance in collective of good psychological climate. Certainly, without the knowledge of your collective. For others he is the same worker.

It is only some reflections on a popular subject of motivation of personnel. Perhaps, you will think up other ways to carry away the person work It will be good.