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Modern way of correction of sight? Of course, contact lenses!

the Main part of information on world around of people is obtained by means of sight, and by the truth - a picture is worth a thousand words

However, unfortunately, presently - time of a wide circulation of office work, TV and personal computer - not everyone can brag of good sight.

Many believe that in the optimum way of correction of short-sightedness, far-sightedness or an astigmatism traditional points are. With taste the picked-up qualitative modern optics from the best producers really can become the real ornament and create unique respectable image.

And still more effective remedy of the solution of problems with sight are contact lenses. The main advantage of contact correction of sight before-point - that when using lenses there is no restriction of a field of vision and optical distortion of the picture at a look aside as an eye together with a lens creates uniform optical system. Lenses do not mist over as points, do not move down, they do not need to be wiped regularly from spots, they cannot injure the person - generally, lenses do not distract on themselves attention during the day, providing a maximum of comfort and pleasure at occupation with favourite business.

Of course, when using lenses it is necessary to follow some rules - for example, it is necessary to put on and remove them only the washed-up hands. Besides, for selection of lenses it is necessary to visit the ophthalmologist`s office. The ophthalmologist will make inspection, will consider both characteristics of a lens, and feature of a structure of your eyes, and also will teach to put on and remove lenses correctly.

The variety of contact lenses which are offered by modern producers is exclusively high.

Most deserved traditional soft contact lenses - with the carrying mode about one year - demand permanent careful care from half a year (HO4, Cooper Clear). There are lenses and with quarterly replacement - for example, Optima FW. They differ from traditional a little. The difference only in the level of protection against bacteria - at more frequent replacement of lenses it is higher.

Are more modern, and also contact lenses which service life is limited one month (Proclear, Biomedics 55) or two weeks are simpler in leaving (Acuvue Oasys and Acuvue Advance). It is possible to carry them in the flexible mode - if it is necessary - to 72 - x hours, about a week (Air Optix Aqua), about two weeks (Biofinity) and even till 30 days (Air Optix Night &Day), without removing.

Lenses - a something ephemeral carries one day and before going to bed just throws out, they need no processing. Thanks to the short term of use, a lens of this class are safest. The most modern of them - Proclear 1 Day, Clariti 1 day, 1 Day Acuvue Trueye and Dailies AquaComfort Plus.

The form of contact lenses depends on their appointment. For example, spherical lenses are used for compensation of far-sightedness and short-sightedness. The aspherical design reduces an aberration at an expanded pupil thanks to what sight clearness at a lack of illumination increases. Torichesky lenses correct an astigmatism (loss of clearness of vision from - for changes of a form of a cornea). Multifocal lenses are appointed at a presbiopiya (age far-sightedness).

By production of contact lenses the most advanced technologies are used. The huge attention is paid to such property of material as biocompatibility, that is abilities to be to the family for living cells. It is innovative development of ophthalmologists - the unique covering from a component of membranes of cages of a cornea is created.

Ability of materials to pass oxygen, to allow an eye to breathe, and hydrophily (moisture content degree) preventing dryness skler is improved.

For example Clariti - lenses of the third generation silicone - hydrogel lenses of monthly replacement of daily carrying. Any special forms of processing of a surface are not applied to them, and for formation of plentifully moistened lens surface (for association of several monomers) the patented AquaGen technology is used. Inclusion of silicone does silicone - hydrogel lenses by more practical, than usual hydrogel lenses.

Property, important for preservation of health of eyes, is ability of materials of contact lenses to protect from ultra-violet radiation.

Voice-frequency and color lenses not only correct sight, but also carry out decorative function, emphasizing or even to unrecognizability changing own natural color of eyes.

Carnival and club lenses are especially extravagant. They will transform color of eyes very unusually. A cat`s eye, a spiral, dollar, a flame - by means of such decor which is completely hiding natural color of eyes you can play and amuse people around, having made your image bright and memorable.

Material is provided for article by shop of contact lenses the Pan-optician (Moscow), the website www. panoptic. ru. Services:

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