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Psychological trainings: advantage or harm?

All trainings can subjectively be divided into three types. The first - trainings rigid and dangerous which organizers quite often pass under the article fraud . Their visitors sometimes become patients of psychotherapists, and acquaintances such for eyes call zombie : nervous excitement, eyes burn, all talk only on happiness and need by all and to everyone to pass this training.

Such trainings have structure of a pyramid and assume aggressive involvement of friends and relatives. For example, to it carry infamous Layf - Spring which in the West sank into oblivion, and at us - at popularity peak. Psychologists call such trainings psychocults, ROC - sects. The only council both from those, and from others - to bypass similar actions for three versts, it is serious business which has no relation to self-development.

The second type - author`s trainings - primary sources which then copy other thousands of kouchy. These trainings deserve the greatest trust and, in fact, in each direction (whether it be the goal-setting, achievement of wealth or female appeal) such can be counted on fingers. Main council: if you want to train by a concrete author`s technique, then go to seminars family institutes and branches, but not on occupations of the trainer from the next entrance.

And the third type deserves separate attention - it is the remained 90% of trainings which number from year to year grows in a geometrical progression. They are not so dangerous as the first, are not so useful as the second, and represent the most popular product on market of the mental services .

It is safe and useless

Once I was engaged in search of the good training devoted to a technique of learning of foreign languages. To technique author`s, unique and unconditionally effective.

One acquaintance, authoritative personal the trainer decided to carry out such. Here he did not know only any foreign language and offered by means of its program to study together. Councils from the layman cost to laymans $100 for the first step.

The following training was the most popular in this direction and still remains to that. The author promised to share the real secret which will allow quickly and easily to learn any foreign language in a year . Degree of trust raised directly - enthusiastic responses from passed training - for bigger reliability under each name there was an e-mail address. Secrets cost convincingly - $500.

I sent to all list the letter in which I told about the desire to pass training. From thirty people any did not advise to waste money. As it appeared, all unique program can be retold one offer. The rest of the time was occupied by the inspiring and motivating lyrics - which gives exclusively temporary effect. The enthusiasm at all passed through a week and it became clear that the artificial charge of energy of the polyglot will not make of you.

According to such scheme the vast majority of trainings is based. Information minimum (which can be found in specialized literature incomparably more), a power maximum. Visitors catch foreign enthusiasm, and it, in effect, will not bring harm. As well as advantage.

And trainer who?

Pay attention to above-mentioned training from the beginner in learning of foreign languages - kouch itself for the first time gets acquainted with a subject, but it is already ready to train in skill. It is very indicative habit of many modern trainers. Often it looks so: kouch read the curious book or decided to seize new skill. In a week the next program is ready, and it is possible to invite guests.

A year ago I visited one of female trainings where promised me increase of female power and the best men of the world stacks around an entrance. The public gathered various - from wives of successful businessmen to lonely teachers. And all anything, here only did not abandon me feeling of a dezh - vyu: all training represented retelling of best-sellers of Larisa Renard.

The inadequate ratio of the price and quality is available. The book of madam Renard costs 300 rubles, training - $300. Familiar trainers after this history right there snatched with logical argument - no book will be compared to live teaching.

Only in a subtlety of creation of family life of ignorant ladies the former employee of social security, the woman unmarried which after training right there ran home devoted, to feed a cat. And in own life as the only way to construct love considered weekly visits of psychics with the subsequent removal that celibacy wreath damage. If you think that you will understand the read book worse, than such trainer, then definitely it is worth passing training of increase of confidence in own opportunities.

It is the Russian features of coaching: learn to look for the husband unmarried, the one who earns only from trainings learns to attract wealth, training on stock market game is provided by the one who could not earn from the exchange. In my professional environment business clear and nobody not condemned is development of various courses if the major activity does not bring in the convincing income. There are no orders, work costs, means there is time for carrying out training how to become the copywriter and to earn $100 000 a month .

I do not say that there are no good trainers. They are, but - such units. And as the most naive would be to consider that the trainer chosen by you just gets to scanty percent of real masters. Check, ask opinions of the people who long ago completed a course, listen to criticism, but not to enthusiastic responses.

The comment of the psychologist

Ilya Shabshin, the psychologist - the consultant, the author of the book Councils of the practical psychologist. As day future to us to live : The People who got a serious psychological education do not conduct trainings of personal growth. Because they understand: the personality - multidimensional concept. But quite often such trainings conduct those who got a mathematical education. The matter is that each good mathematician (or the physicist - the theorist) is an owner of autistic character. The autist lives in the world of the theories created by it, he perceives real life, it is even possible to tell, explains through theories. For example, the great physicist Lev Landau had a theory how to live happy life.

All these developments represent the pieces of psychological knowledge wrapped in a wrapper which is pleasant to the author and his followers. Actually what occurs on similar trainings is sometimes closer to how sects work, than to usual training. Person very easily to shake in the emotional plan to transfer to slightly changed condition of consciousness - and to inspire in it possession of certain resources, the special relation to it .

Perfection is not on sale

regular customers of trainings have several personal problems of which any training will not relieve.

In - the first, self-development replacement with its illusion. I go to all seminars, I develop, strive for perfection . Infinite process of training forms growth illusion: I am trained, but I do not grow. Council from own practice: do not register in the next seminar until lessons previous become part of your everyday life, are fulfilled to automatism. You feel at once, it is how simpler to register in the next training and again to change the real growth for its illusion.

In - the second, a habit to continuous stimulation. Simple council is the cornerstone of all dostizhenchesky trainings - write down the purposes, regularly re-read the list and you aspire to a victory. It is elementary, isn`t it? All this can be made independently, but it is somehow more reliable with the trainer who will control each step and to motivate. And can we forgot to move forward without whip?

In - the third, resistant feeling of absence key link . It seemed, you studied all laws of success, all rules according to which the Universe functions, but something is obviously missing. Also it seems that the next training, the next psychological or esoteric book will provide you just this missing key link . And you move off in searches of truth again. Vainly. The key link is a daily practice which is so easy for changing for inspiring reading or the next training.

Also is which - that else. We want to obtain information in finished form and the most comfortable situation. We do not want to draw conclusions and to put experiments. Napoleon Hill did not go to trainings, but his councils formed the basis of all today`s trainings directed to achievement of success and wealth. The real leaders - presidents of the large companies, the president have countries, eventually, - there is no time for passing of leader programs. And all because these people have courage to draw own conclusions.

Why we go to trainings? For the same reason, on which we submit Everest, we jump with a parachute, we practice yoga. We look for ourselves. And in this process the main thing - not to get lost in the market of mental services. It is too much unique offers and tempting promises. In the market it is better to buy a nice thing and to leave its limits, away from skillful dealers and the attracting treasures. So far money and ability to see the world outside the market are whole.