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We study English: how to choose productive courses?

are not enough history In the beginning. Once there was a course of English which declared itself that it owns the technology allowing for rather short term (which keeps within one academic year) to train to communicate in English practically of any person. To communicate - that is both to write and to speak. However the most important point was ability to speak here - that ability which at the exit when training at many schools, courses, clubs, etc. was received by the very few or for acquisition of which was necessary to spend a significant amount of time. And all the same as a result the considerable part of trained did not reach ability to communicate freely. And this course declared itself so: Will drop down to learn English! Begin to tell ! and also We do not teach you to grammar, we teach you to think and speak English .

It is possible to treat such statement differently. However, one is obvious: if the person passionately wished to be fluent in English and filled already many cones about different courses, trainings, schools, tutorial services, and then read this statement, it all - awakened in it hope. And if this person did not lose finally faith that something exists that will help it to reach freedom in English yet, then he responded to these words.

And, of course, not only such person - the person who is eager to be trained paid attention to them! Responded to them as well the staff of the companies training to English (and it is equal also private tutors). Why? There is no secret (and this subject was also touched in our articles in last years). The people coming to training, months and years the passable different programs and trainings - by the advanced and classical techniques, with audio-and video materials, on super - to textbooks and with use the advanced computer " technologies; - or gave up training, without having received desirable freedom, or through a year and a half wondered also the teachers: And when there will come the long-awaited effect - when I start talking? . And teachers could answer only one: it is necessary to be engaged more it is necessary to study it is necessary to give more time to the " language; and other effective recommendations .

What you heard in reply, by and large it meant one: generally there is no guarantee that we will teach you . Even could declare to you it directly: there are people incapable of the " languages;. By the way, that course which arose with a new technique, declaring We do not teach you to grammar. We teach you to think and speak English proved the return: there are no people incapable of languages. (And about it it is possible to esteem in our last articles too. And, however, more carefully, other schools also began to pick up this thought. Why it is more careful? Because the language course which so speaks should be able to show it in practice: to be capable to teach to speak English practically any addressed. And it did not occur.)

So, interested in success of the enterprise (in what there is nothing bad at all) heads of different courses and schools, felt that the words Will drop down to learn English! Begin to tell ! really affect people attracting, began to think how to use it in the work. Completely it is impossible to repeat the same, - it is possible to get poses the law on copyright infringement. Similar formulations began to appear. For example, such, simplified: English in: stop learning - it is time to talk! and other. Having seen them, you recognize them.

Such formulation sounds very doubly: on the one hand it attracts as contains the most desired (for persons interested to know English) a state: to speak with another - actually, does not promise it, and only pushes to action well give, do, speak! Funny, huh?

Of course, it is possible to hope that some part of people, receiving such encouragement, will really break through all barriers and will start talking. One more of incentives of this sort - the quantity turns into quality (that is all technique consists, actually in giving this quantity) is and is mentioned above be engaged more / more diligently / .

So, now, dear reader, you know history and know why now very much those who urge to begin to speak exist. Time to answer a question of that, how to distinguish those who can really help you to learn to speak from those who just would like it, but are not able to gain in advance planned effect as result of the work came. (It is not wine - until the person seeks to find a solution, and trouble. And trouble, fortunately, reparable.)

Everything is simple: if you want to train in something someone - there has to be an accurate and certain technology of training. If in the section Technique descriptions of some training course of English you read something it seems

that it means that no technology of training in English exists. Actually, in this text it is written that the teacher is given the textbook by which the school (or the teacher in general comes with own practices and no textbook exists obligatory for it) is guided and allocate it with a full freedom of action. That is the school, actually, represents the tutorial center where each separate tutor works with group. By the way, it is not surprising that in such centers often there is no interchangeability of teachers: one got sick, another comes and the group understands that he is engaged in something what did not get used to (not obligatory worse, it is not obligatory better).

Why the technology, but not just separate ways, methods is important? By definition, the technology is a list of consecutive steps which if in accuracy to execute them, lead to the planned result . If there is no it - it is possible to call process shamanism rather. And here usually is result as will carry .

Good news consists that the technology of training in English exists also such result as free communication in English, and the result received quickly enough is quite achievable. If you want to start talking English - come to a course of English on which the technology of training allowing you to acquire English and to begin to communicate freely is used.

Elena Babicheva of begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting,

employee of a course of English

of Applied Education