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Meditation: serf vegetarianism?

B to peak greedily writing fraternity about art meditations and compassion previously we will agree to split both concepts, into confused nonsense of grafomanstvuyushchy laymans, and (in our case) into practice with real load of an organism and the mentality involving inevitable direct productive consequences in society and in private life of the most aspiring.

About meditation is lower in more detail, about compassion only the fact that the present it is not imaginable without the active vibrations aimed to have direct effect on entropy manifestations.

You eat sugar!, consume a protein! also do not avoid salt! - everything that will be vitally necessary for the one who will come to level when, ambitions will break white walls of a madhouse brightened up nonsenses. This that is what the body will demand that will be demanded by the organism dispersing own energy deeply within a red zone of a tachometer.

All specified, in original meditation burns down in an organism, as in a locomotive fire chamber. Nothing from products limited by proteins, carbohydrates and salts, will feed process of induction, as well as at the end as it will not be capable to restore an organism properly. Neither diets, nor the mode, promote manifestations of original internal force, same free and unpredictable as volcanic awakenings in any way.

Recognize, under a thin pompous crust of our social image, as a result it is hidden the energy which is incomparably surpassing our primitive limited guesses in force dozes. And already its shown activity, game in which the practician has no chances to ignore rules and the more so to try to impart petty habits of scoundrels, experienced to twist circles of sects in amorphous egregorialny bodies.

Practically all that is known widely, all that is so popular, actually has at best indirect relation to original meditation. Poses which are so hotly loved various yogas only also suit for this yoga.

In a maximum, in dive of process of induction, and thought speed, and the central stream reaches such limits that forces you to straighten in the body everything that you tied in knots on - the nonsense unclear poses, and finishing sedimentation, energy directly dictates the muscular tension and a rhythm and the amount of breath. Delusion also that this process can infinitely last passing into a nirvana and also in what the look practicing directly in process is.

Permanently, in average loading when the vmeshivaniye in vibration of the world occurs in the mode of the present and with the purpose to correct that that here and now the maximum which is maintained even by the trained charkas is several hours. It is necessary to understand that, anyway there is a process of `ignition` of `ignition` of energiya, and maintenance of that cannot be some eternal nirvanichesky there. Also the induction and any isolation does not demand, moreover stay or supervision of the reasons subject to correction, as well as possible motivates and feeds process of induction (and only with the amendment that practicing can observe, but has no without break of energiya, an opportunity to participate directly). there is no

If to speak about the raised loading, in isolation, then and in this case on a face of the practician and a shadow of expression from pleasure of an unexpected cocksucking (and in mention is not present!!!) . The person is brought extremely together is profound is serious and concentrated. The polarizing magnetism of meditation, over time considerably deforms (though does not distort a face at all) so to say forehead bones that in turn can be a sign that the person is obviously involved in power meditation.

It is senseless also to try to observe the mode. Here the same analogies as well as in sex. The meditation driven into the mode becomes obrydly, ineffectual and passes into a primitive sektansky senseless mental ananirovaniye.

needs to mention the fourth factor making success Here is a DREAM. On it to sectarians do not allow to sleep off, not poured practician is also powerless as and in case he is hungry in a long way, or is not rather sated with a reserve of sugar and though it is not fattened by meat a little (yes! yes! yes! these are not typographical errors! meat!) carrot let and with useful but empty cellulose, the pomidorka eaten with sunrise will not make awakening of necessary volcanic power.

of Otjeshsya also sleep! And at the moment of which you learn to have a presentiment already obviously over time as the terrestrial volcanic shiver, will rise and will take power from the speed of energiya which not somewhere there in any astral, and here in life, kilometer black lead of a cyclone, in a radius at hundreds kilometers, will evaporate almost in the eyes (about that what power can be shown by the inductor on that side of a veil, you should not even mention).

In this article there will be no technician if those in general are except for one. All equipment is an energy and persistence to pressurize in process to sedimentation . Sedimentation a key factor, we will be sure, " there; above more than it is enough light that you there made, even great causes of the greatest, it is less than in the ocean of a drop. Task living here not to be lit somewhere in the worlds one-time at all - blue, having returned back home everything will remain here as before, your aura as a New Year`s spark as the shining back of a glowworm pomayachit and poblestit strainedly here in a social radio haze, and... anything more. Your dreams and will remain to wait for you there where there are no delay, but here... alas (and maybe moreover just as we clap insects which egregor you so plentifully feed with the victims, observing as you the strained shine force down the others with ways true will also try to slam in turn and you if your meditative against it crime will develop into systematic recurrence).

A task of the person - to besiege. But not there. Here - from there, the practician has to see off energy, in sedimentation giving them efficient " form; as responsibility karma.

Execution of own desires, is not separable from execution of the general.

If to think sensibly, is one and too and differs only on a substantial scale. Nobody will be able obviously to execute own, in the resisting environment. The execution fact, this consequence of the fact that the interfering stereotype is broken at least partially.

of Neither admonition nor hope, nor mass zaglumlyonny positive a trance, nothing is urged to change in fact.

Schools, doctrines, mantras, yantra, monasteries, ashrams, vows - if you are responsible, you agree - it is not means.

to give, is necessary where that to take. Delays deliberate positive sooner or later break, and dogmas fail.

Vegetarianism can be necessary only aged in which radio configurations are not capable to keep loadings any more. The silence and a pacification certainly are achievable, but every time only in order that with restoration to take weight again.

Intuition, sincerity and frankness, in qualification of results. Definition of things the real names and of course persistence. The quantity anyway turns into quality therefore begin always let and with small, let and with low personal which over and over again, in the turn, inevitably will begin to concern shy the highest, further already openly interfering as an individual - the creator.