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Big tennis: how to grow up the champion of

our kids learned to hold a spoon in hand until recently, and we already begin to think to what section to send them. Big tennis - one of the most popular sports in the world and many parents outright think, as if to accustom the child to occupations with a racket a bit earlier to achieve big results in the future.

That`s it for those who want to learn from what age it is possible to begin children to teach big tennis and as to do it - and this article is submitted.

The trainer say that as well as in any kind of sport, the earlier the child will begin to seize the first skills of game in big tennis, the it is more than chances to grow up from it the big champion. When the kid is 3 years old, you can safely start development of his dexterity, an extension, attention, ability to look after a ball and to react quickly to the movements. Train game with the child: catch - throw. Throw a ball so that the child could catch it after a rebound before himself, but not near himself. Later game will be based on such exercises therefore it is better to start already now. At first catching can happen two hands and when you see that at the child already well it turns out, suggest it to catch one hand - right, left, training them in turn.

For really good results 2 times a day will be in the excellent way to begin the star future of your child. But if to your kid only 3 years, then time of occupations does not exceed 10 - 15 minutes, and it is obligatory in the form of game that it was interesting to it, but not forcibly. It is possible to begin to judge whether the child has a talent for this sport in 4 years. Look narrowly, how fast the child grabs new exercises. However it is necessary to remember that at this age all children a little not assidious and quickly lose interest in everything therefore some efforts from parents nevertheless will be necessary.

Important will teach the child not only to physical exercises, developing his force and dexterity, but also to pay attention to internal feelings and a psychological spirit. The child has to understand that it is necessary to wait not for a mistake of the opponent, and it is necessary to strike blow to the first, i.e. the main thing not loss of the rival, and a prize of your child. Many champions of today in the childhood had such traits of character as self-confidence, persistence and a habit always to win. Of course, here it is necessary without fanaticism, all of us understand that it is impossible to win always and it is also necessary to learn to accept defeats and to work on the mistakes next time it is better to play, remembering the once weaknesses. Children are very vulnerable and all take too very much to heart therefore if thoughts that he has to win only suddenly do not come true, it will be a big psychological stress for the child, and it means for some even reduction of desire to continue to be engaged.

Time to take already a racket in hand, for everyone the. It is better to give a racket already when the child well learned to concentrate the attention on a ball, can catch with ease a ball one hand, doing it without special tension, as if effortlessly. It is impossible to force events at all, the effect can be the return. As for rackets, for children special rackets with a big head and the short handle are on sale now. It is possible to train individually or in groups. Certainly, occupations individual can be much more effective, but they make sense if you already professionally approach this question and if your money quite allows.

Injuries which happen during trainings sometimes from - for bad reactions of children when eyes, a back, hands suffer can become minus of this sport, of course. However these injuries cannot be compared to injuries of professional tennis players therefore a barrier to occupations of children cannot become.

The trainer is advised to address other sport if you do not see outstanding abilities to big tennis at the child till 7 years. It is not really simple to impart love to any types of occupation too, it is almost impossible therefore it is better to follow desire of the child at the choice of a sport and in every possible way to assist it in undertakings.