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Into what types men are divided?

of the Man are divided into various types from quiet and balanced to noisy and cheerful. Ability to distinguish this or that type will help each woman to make a right choice, proceeding from the expectations, preferences.

Conditionally men can be divided into 4 types:


those men who will hardly venture the first treat such type to make any offer, to initiate something, and all because they are very timid, clamped and a little are not sure of themselves (they often wonder whether enough they are good for you, whether they are rather clever, whether they are rather interesting and desired). Such men need always to let know that they are interesting, they are desired. The most important in the relations with similar men, is to promote increase of their self-assessment, strengthening of self-confidence, then the relations will be rather harmonious. At communication with timid men women need to remember that they should take the initiative very often.


men with rather high self-assessment, self-assured and knowing the own worth treat such type of men. Such, as a rule, will not play at hide-and-seek with you, and will openly and directly report about the expectations, will make this or that offer. For example, if you are interesting to it, he and will tell about it if you do not cause interest, he will not look for a meeting with you and will minimize telephone conversations and meetings with you. You should not be surprised, having heard also the phrase you are too good for me who will delicately hint that yours the relations approached the final. Self-assured men perceive women, such as they are, and do not beg their abilities, creativity and mind at all. With men of this kind you will be aware always of their intentions, plans for the future.

Proud and a little haughty

of the Man of this kind possess, as a rule, big charisma. On the one hand, men of this kind can be very amusing, ridiculous, and can become also a real problem, however, as we know, women like difficulties to some extent. The aspiration to criticism, derogation of someone`s abilities, use of pressure in communication with other people will be apparent defect of men of this kind. It occurs because they consider themselves highest, cleverer than all, in every respect best of all! Proud and haughty can become quite kind and fluffy in case see in you that which is considered as the most suitable candidacy for themselves, and then they can even be scattered in compliments.

The merry fellow, soul of the company

men with " treat such type of people; healthy sense of humour which will always be what to tell it is easy and pleasant to communicate with them, to it to last people. Unfortunately, behind constant aspiration to make witticisms, the elementary feeling of vulnerability can disappear. Such people can be at the same time and ringleaders, the center of general attention, and pessimistic people. Generally, these people are many-sided therefore such type of men often attracts the women who are looking for a variety. When forming the relations it is necessary to remember that these people are very vulnerable and vulnerable, despite the seeming security.