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How much we know about such detail of a man`s toilet how a tie?

Many men wear ties. But how much we know about such, apparently, insignificant bagatelle? This detail of a man`s toilet can tell

a lot of things about its owner.

A tie in a speck or in peas. the Man choosing ties with motley peas, points, specks and pretzels is really tireless. He is purposeful, ambitious and succeeds in a professional field. However, long it can work at one place only in case found business, which to it to liking. In personal relations he behaves similarly: if he met the woman of the dream, then will be faithful to it entirely and infinately. It is noticed that the tie in the large, scattered peas is loved by the sociable men wishing to draw attention to themselves. Small peas are chosen by conscientious workers, good professionals. The owner of a tie with drawing in frequent peas - most likely the person closed and reticent.

A tie in a strip. the Man preferring a tie with cross, longitudinal or diagonal strips (that is drawn towards the ordered, geometrical drawing), is correct, absolutely true, reliable and careful. He would be an ideal spouse if found more time for a family and children. However work for it above all. It seems that strict lines on a tie help such man to concentrate the attention, promote concentration and rational planning. Not incidentally striped tie - classical attribute of the successful businessman.

A tie in a floret. This man the real romantic, it is goodhearted and is guided rather by feelings, but not cold reason. He is able to gain quickly trust of the woman, first of all - the serious attitude towards her. The man of this category often has a creative profession or hobby of this sort. He strives for harmony, however quite often looks at the world through pink glasses and is inclined to close eyes to troubles. It is good if his companion firmly costs on the real soil and is able to return if necessary the beloved on the guilty earth.

A tie with an ornament. Small figures, small section or reserved elegant pattern. This is the man - the reliable spouse and even more reliable business partner, he can safely trust. It is hospitable, has thin sense of humour and the considerable imagination (though others it innocent jokes and inventions can be to the taste not to all). Under no circumstances does not lose over itself control therefore hardly anyone heard from it the rough word. However this trait of character can bring his wife to white heat: than you will not get at it, from any reproach he is ready to laugh the matter off.

the French psychologists consider that fairly clever, self-assured men with fair sense of humour or unusual traits of character prefer ties with the bright, shouting drawings with unexpected subjects and design.

Absolutely other business - monophonic ties. Grey and black monophonic ties most often choose colourless or legal men. They in everything love an order, conform to the established rules, watchfully treat any innovations. Seek to be correct in everything, than quite often just enrage the darlings. However and in the relations with women such men also most often are correct also are consecutive.

the Light monophonic tie of bright color, most likely, just testifies to a lack of taste. Against a light shirt it represents only an indistinct spot. And if the shirt is more dark than a tie, then such option suits only for the gangster.

If the woman believes that, having presented to the man the corresponding tie, she will be able to change character of the elect, it is necessary to disappoint her. The tie reflects character of the man, but does not influence it in any way.

For this reason it is necessary to be very careful, trying to draw psychological conclusions on a tie. Very often this accessory is received by the man as a gift, and from female hands.

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