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How to help health in the fall?

for anybody not a secret that demi-season seasons, are especially hazardous to health in the form of all colds and decrease in immunity at the person. Now outside the fall and a question of the health and health of the relatives costs, however as well as always in such weather, very sharply. Let`s try to remember than we can help our health and consequently also to our mood.

Who is subject to cold?

certain risk groups which are more often subject to infections Exist. First of all, it is small children aged till 7 years, and also elderly people are more senior than 60 years. But also in the prime of life it is possible to be vulnerable for infections. Heavy smokers are not less subject to colds, they broke immunity of a mucous membrane of a nose, mouth and throat. Besides, at female representatives during the premenstrual period the probability to catch a virus of flu increases by 3 times. Proceeding from conclusions of the European scientists, one may say, that vindictive people and introverts are subject to risk of catarrhal diseases.

It is considered that viruses of cold are transmitted only vozdushno - a drop way, however it is possible to catch flu and other infections at handshake or having touched the infected surface of any subject. For prevention of autumn colds it is necessary to wash out several times a day mucous membranes solution from water and salt or to use special sprays on the basis of sea water. Salt solutions are a peculiar board for bacteria and raise RN the organism environment. With approach of an autumn time it is necessary to accept vitamins.

Vitamins and herbs:

the Natural source of a necessary reserve of vitamins. Mint leaves, dry berries of currant and raspberry warn the first symptoms of an illness, reduce heat and have sudorific action. The most reliable way to protect the organism is reception of anti-virus preparations or the use with food of garlic. To lift immunity it is necessary to accept tinctures of an ekhinatsea, extract of an eleuterokokk or a ginseng. Action of herbs not only will increase protective properties of an organism, but also will help to cope with a depression and a stress. Eat properly. Try to eat more vegetables and fruit less ready snack. During the autumn period counters are simply overflowed by them.

For immunity it is important to use many vegetables and fruit - it is very good, but in the fall when we are so subject to catarrhal diseases, it is not enough. To strengthen the health, to increase immunity, it is necessary to feed it with vitamins and minerals which are not enough for our organism. It is the for this purpose best of all to use only natural vitaminno - mineral complexes.

Keep activity. In spite of the fact that the autumn melancholy prevails, it is necessary to try to support a mobile way of life: to visit a gym, or to do swimming, or just to try to go more on foot.

Be in good mood. Try to laugh more, open curtains and windows, start up in your house more light and fresh air, listen to music, you give yourself new impressions, attend exhibitions and theaters, communicate with friends, generally, do everything that gives you pleasure. The smile prolongs life.

Of course it is impossible to bypass health of our children. And before stuffing the lapulyu with artificial vitamins and drugs, it is worth remembering simple and soft, but so necessary prevention for health of the kid. we will not forget

that during change of a warm flying weather on cold autumn children of younger age are most often subject to various catarrhal diseases. Therefore during this period parents have to be especially vigilant.

First of all the child has to be always dressed on weather: to the kid should not be too hot (that he did not sweat), and he should not freeze. The overheat exactly or strong overcooling of a children`s organism often are the reason of catarrhal diseases.

In the early fall on counters of shops a large number of fruit and vegetables therefore it is necessary to include these products in the child`s diet as often as possible. It will strengthen immunity of the kid better than any vitamin complexes as seasonal fruit and vegetables contain the maximum quantity of vitamins and minerals.

Training of a children`s organism is also an important component health of kids, therefore it should not be neglected. And if you do not want to pour over the child cold water and to take other cardinal measures, then enough for the child as often as possible will happen in the fresh air, not to forget about a contrast shower and moderate physical activities.

In autumn - the spring period to prevent cold, pharyngitis, quinsy and cold all will be helped by the known folk remedies: cranberry drink, lemons, honey, walnuts, onions and garlic. And only using all listed methods of prevention of catarrhal diseases and SARS in total, you will be able to strengthen health of the child as much as possible.

Health, positive to you and your children!