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What colors are preferred by women?

Actually do not exist a certain strict gradation between purely man`s and female in the flowers as every color has many shades. However women and men have different preferences in this or that color, but preferences.

So, for example, according to researches, several colors which are preferred by most of women were marked out:


This color are preferred by both women, and men of different age. In spite of the fact that men nevertheless give preference to this color more often, blue is as well quite popular color at women. It is quite possible that both floors prefer this color because blue works soothingly.


Green is a color of Mother Nature which, by the way, a feminine gender. It is no wonder that this color is pleasant also to women. This color is pleasant in principle to both men, and women is identical. It symbolizes growth, updating, health, harmony with itself(himself) and environment, tranquility.


According to researches on the subject color and gender carried out in 1964, it was established that this color is one of darlings at women, and here men, on the contrary, extremely seldom get to themselves something similar color. During researches it was also revealed that nearly 76% of women prefer a cold color, and turquoise just and consists from cold green and blue.


This color, one may say, purely female color. Perhaps, most of men did not choose for anything to themselves any thing of this color as cannot suffer it. This color is associated with spirituality, mysteriousness, romanticism.


Most of people associate this color with a female half, and also small children. Whether means it what women prefer pink to other flowers more often? It is not obligatory at all, it is rather cultural association, but not preference. This color, by the way, is considered not in the most successful color for acquaintance to an opposite sex.


This color as well as violet, is considered in the female color which is associated with very gentle, sensual women, lilac causes sense of nostalgia or romanticism.

Choosing something for the woman, you remember

the Most popular colors - blue, blue, green (notice, all of them are considered cold ) .

Far less often women prefer orange, brown and gray (i.e. warm and neutral colors).

With age women give preference green less often, however buy something pink color more often. With age there is also a rejection of bright orange color.