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Features of leaving and keeping of chinchillas in house conditions of

Especially for beginners which had a chinchilla recently offer short guide to contents .

If you had a chinchilla, first of all it is necessary to know:

1. Hold chinchillas for the basis of a tail and in any way differently. In any other case you will spoil it a hair.

2. Granulnit and hay is the main forage of chinchillas, give all the rest only when be convinced that it is possible. (if the former owner did not pour out the forage) It is desirable to take a forage from the manufacturer, the shinshilenok got used to Nym and there will be no problems with a stomach.

3. Temperature over 26 degrees for shinsh is critical. It is optimum 18 pages

4. The chinchilla is not walked on the street! Since there infection, fresh grass and perhaps heat.

5. Do not let out a chinchilla to walk on the apartment without supervision, clean from them wires.

6. To bathe in a pure, special sand, but not in water... (at least 2 times a week... though we bathe the shushik every day)

7. Not to forget to give hay.

8. To give to drink the purchased still water or filtered, prokipyachenny, cooled to room temperature. Not to pour in a drinking bowl water directly from - under the crane.

9. Yes, vitamins are necessary to an animal, but they are in granulate or special for rodents. It is not necessary to feed with fresh fruit, berries, greens.

10. The cage has to be big and high, height less than 80 cm is not desirable.

11. To watch a condition of ears... in hay there can be disputes of a fungus which the animal can pick up.

12. To watch closely work of intestines. (kakulk have to be firm and oblong)

Is the main features of maintenance of these beautiful fluffy balls.

13. Drugs (droplet) can be given via the syringe directly in a mouth.

14. The chinchilla not a cat who will come and will sit on hands, but it is possible to accustom to hands a glavnoye:terpeniye!

15. The animal needs a special grinding stone or branches of an apple-tree to sharpen teeth.

16. After bathing in a sand - to watch eyes since parts of sand in corners of eyes can cause eye infectious diseases.

Regular weighing, on weight it is possible to find the begun problem.

Cannot be walked near pots with flowers and the earth, very dangerously!

Cannot put together two unfamiliar chinchillas, it is necessary them gradually and to acquaint smoothly.

Cannot give greens fresh, fruit fresh in large numbers (not all chinchillas eat them)

Cannot be abused vkusnyashka, it is better to give useful delicacies, about it there is it seems a separate subject.

Hay has to be surely included, but not use it as a laying.

Most likely you will have a desire to play with a new toy, but all - chinchillas is not cats and not a doggie who love that they were ironed caressed, and especially thrown (cats and doggies too likely not especially love when they are thrown). Maybe you will not bring an animal to a cardiac rupture, but I guarantee that it a hair poskidyvat it to you. If the chinchilla itself goes to you to hands, then it is possible to scratch of course her behind an ear or to nestle a cheek, but not the fact that it will be pleasant to it.

It is the main features at contents cultivation of these beautiful animals.