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Nutrition value of dishes from fish of

Very many experts in the sphere of food claim that a table from fish dishes gigiyenichny more fine, meat. Alternation in a food allowance of meat of fish with meat of warm-blooded animals is especially extremely useful. What the nutrition value of fish consists in? In meat of fish very much the prices first of all proteins, from them it is cut out 18% of tissues of fish. Proteins, as it is known - a life basis, are connected with them its most important manifestations: a metabolism, reduction of our muscles, irritability of nerves, ability to growth and reproduction and of course the highest form of motion of matter - thinking. The insufficient amount of protein in food leads to serious violations in a human body, has an adverse effect on working capacity, organism resilience to catarrhal and infectious diseases. However the proteins which are contained in various food are not equivalent. Now it is already proved that the nutrition value of proteins of different types first of all depends on amino-acid structure. From 20 amino acids for determination of completeness of digestion of protein only eight have the greatest value. And these 8 amino acids are irreplaceable in a daily diet of the person, i.e. They are not synthesized in our organism and consequently, surely have to arrive in certain quantities with food. And so, fish dishes - a direct source of full-fledged proteins. In fish all amino acids which are irreplaceable are presented. And characteristic of ocean fishes is higher content of proteins in comparison with fresh-water fishes. On average the content of such irreplaceable amino acid as a lysine, in fish products in eight times more, than in bread, and it does them by very valuable addition to bread. The nutrition value of fish dishes is not limited to availability in them of digestible and high-quality fats. Fish dishes satisfy needs of a human body for the main mineral substances among which in fish prevail calcium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, chlorine and phosphorus, for insignificant quantities cobalt, zinc, molybdenum, iodine, bromine, fluorine, manganese and some other elements are found. A cheerfulness elixir figuratively call phosphorus. And it is not casual: phosphorus is necessary for full work of cages of the central nervous system of the person. Deficiency of phosphorus in our organism causes fast fatigue, slackness, reduces resistance of the person to different diseases. Phosphorus is also necessary for creation of nervous tissue, its salts also participate in formation of teeth and bones, regulate an exchange of carbohydrates in a human body. In this regard phosphorus, especially during the spring period, has to come to an organism in enough. Are very rich with it a cod, cod-liver oil. The human body contains very small shares of iodine. Can seem that substances in such quantity cannot matter, meanwhile their absence or a shortcoming cause very serious violations in an organism. Iodine, for example, is necessary for normal function of a thyroid gland. It is interesting that in 200 gr mackerels the daily dose of iodine contains. Daily including a mackerel and other species of an ocean fish in our diet, it is possible to fill up shortage of this microcell, extremely necessary for our organism. In meat of fresh-water fishes, unlike ocean fishes, there are practically no bromine and iodine. Crustacea and especially small fish whom sometimes eat together with bones are very much a calcium source. Small fish not only more tasty, but also are more valuable: they are very rich with phosphorus and calcium, medium-sized fish is still very rich also with fluorine which protects our teeth from damage. Well and at last, fish dishes contain vitamins very necessary for our organism. Thus, fish dishes are very useful, tasty and vital for full activity of our organism.