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Names of wedding dates

It is no secret that from time immemorial huge significance was attached to family and other household ceremonies. All know that it silver and gold weddings. Names silver anniversary and gold anniversary now are often used also in other values, symbolizing not only the twenty fifth and fiftieth anniversaries from the date of a wedding. Day of wedding was also called: green wedding . It is possible to remember that over time amendments are introduced in national ceremonies. Cancels some, and allocates some with new contents. So, became a good tradition at our youth in day green wedding to come to monuments to the soldiers who died in the period of the Great Patriotic War. The first wedding anniversary is celebrated as print wedding . This day spouses gave each other print kerchiefs. Five-year anniversary from the date of a wedding is called wooden wedding - spouses were given various wooden things. Then went zinc wedding . It was celebrated in 6, 5 years. The name reminded of what on marriage is necessary " from time to time; to direct luster as on galvanized ware which this day was given to spouses. In half a year comes copper wedding - seventh anniversary. The husband and the wife exchanged copper coins. Tin wedding - so call 8 - yu anniversary from the date of a wedding. Friends, guests and relatives presented brilliant kitchen utensils from a tin - a form for cake, baking sheets. Day of decade of family life bore the poetic name day of roses . Five more years are celebrated - glass wedding . The next wedding anniversary - porcelain - it is noted in twenty years of joint life. 30 - I am anniversary - it is pearl wedding . 40 - I - ruby . Matrimony term grew, became another quality anniversary names - at the expense of durability or the value of a subject of symbolics. Gold and silver weddings prazdutsya especially solemnly. In ten years after gold it is celebrated diamond wedding - 60 - the anniversary from the date of a wedding. In day when 67, 5 years from the date of wedding were executed: settled stone wedding . It is difficult to explain fractional number of festive dates: most likely, they are connected with ancient beliefs. Semidesiteletiye from the date of a wedding is called fertile and 75 - the anniversary - crown wedding .