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From where wives of the bitch undertake?

All marriages are made in heaven. A question - then from where wives of the bitch undertake? The reasons of this actual phenomenon lie on a surface. If in the life the man has to plant a tree, build the house and bring up the son. That girls since the childhood are accustomed to thought that all problems will be solved if you successfully marry. For this purpose it is necessary, at least to have attractive appearance and to get an education.

But the world promptly changes. Also the psychology of the woman changed. She, clever, perspective, independent - wants the harmonious relations with the man, but not to be to him service personnel. Such relations where its interests would not be infringed. She wants to have a family in which its creative potential would be realized. The woman, having married, endows much - changes a surname, changes the residence, the birth of children detains its career development.

Marriage does not demand any victims from men. Friends, work - everything remained without changes. The requirement to the young wife raised to the level of the skilled hostess. The more she tries, the less at her it turns out. The woman rushes about the whole day, and there is no result. Irritability, overfatigue, leads to a persistent depression. There comes the moment when insignificant quarrel turns into powerful emotional explosion.

From this point she does not want to come back to a former role of the appeasable wife. Such family or will move to a new level of the relations, or will break up. Modern women even more often come to such opinion that the family limits their freedom, limits their creative opportunities. Women want to be happy, without looking at anything. They do not want to suffer and please the husband even for the sake of children.

For many women divorce is perceived as the beginning of new life. They are exempted from psychological dependence and a constant stress. The woman is better adapted for modern life, than the man. If after divorce the man marries at once, then women do not hurry to enter second marriage. The statistics of female loneliness terrifies - 38% aged from 25 - 50 live one, are not married, being divorced or at all never were is married. The big percent of civil marriages speaks about fear of the family relations.

Absence at men of responsibility, determination also create that base on which there is a bitchiness of his wife. It generated this monster. To love the person - it does not mean to allow it to behave somehow dissolutely. Be resolute, be not afraid to make the decision. Even if it will be also wrong, negative experience experience too. Safely make a compromise. In a family it is simply necessary. Do not forget that a family there strong where the husband and the wife look not at each other, and in one direction.

In each of us the vital program put since the birth works. Further everything depends on our choice. Every moment we solve, we choose, we make the decision. Where to study with whom to live, where to work and how to behave. But in each choice two ways of succession of events - favorable and adverse are put. Therefore everyone solves itself - what way to it to choose. The main thing that it did not pass by the happiness.