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Whom was legendary Freddie Mercury? Part 1

5 of September, 1946 in one of the most heavenly spots of the globe, on islands of the Indian Ocean, in Zanzibar, Farukh Balsara, world renowned as Freddie Mercury was born. In Farukh`s house, on the island, there was no electricity even, and about what is created in the world, his father Bomi learned from the neighbor listening to radio. Freddie (the English equivalent of the Persian name of Farukh) and his sister Kashira which was born when was 7 Freddie, were the adored children. Parents Jen and Bomi Balsara did everything that children received the best, but did not forget about religion which played a special role in their family.

In 1950 when Freddie was five years old, the family moved to not less exotic Bombay where, according to the father Freddie, there were schools, best in all region. At that time 4 million people lived in Bombay, it was the city of the world, the large port, the financial and business center of India, the fourth in size. Freddie adored this city and long walked on its narrow small streets, often went to harbor where a set of the ships from all over the world admitted rice, cotton and tea to the holds. Soon, the boy came to Saint Peter`s boarding school which is in 50 miles (80 km) from Bombay, here, in a school orchestra, Freddie met the first love, the girl from the next school Geeta Bkharucha (Gita Bharucha). Freddie loved this place, he was a good athlete and achieved decent success in cricket, boxing and table tennis. Later, he became the champion of school in tennis.

Exactly here, at school, Freddie received the first lessons of playing a piano. Solo on this tool defined unique " style subsequently; Queen . In Bombay it was possible to hear music of the most different directions. Eleven-year-old Freddie with identical pleasure listened to the opera which was loved by his parents, both romantic and sensual Indian national melodies. He became the witness of emergence of a musical phenomenon under the name fate - N - a beater which already began to win at this time the world.

Freddie wrote the first song in 12 years. It was called I`m Going To The Top ( I Go To Top ) is later in one of the interviews it will tell that this song predicted all his further life.

In 14 years heaven and earth for Freddie was moved: his family moved to Britain. Here, in the suburb of London, life cardinally differed from that to which it got used in Bombay. Felkhtem in 1959 was hardly the attractive place for the sociable teenager, every day he was forced to merge with the gray crowd waiting for the two-storeyed bus which brought it to school in Aylvort where his southern appearance and an unusual dialect served as a target for sneers.

When by Freddie it was executed 19, Britain for the first time felt approach of the roaring era, after called swing of the sixtieth . The world changed. The era of fashion, music and money began. Thousands of young men of America burned the agenda, opposing war in Vietnam. Then, in 1964, there took place the first youth demonstrations, then the general hobby for drugs began. The British teenagers were fond of smart Italian fashion and design. It was time Beatles and Rolling Stones .

In 1965, Freddie came to art college Ealing where studied painting, design, was fond of the ballet and music. In Britain many stars of fate were graduates of art schools, among them almost everything Rolling Stones .

Frederik Balsar`s schoolmates were shipped in development of new packing for laundry detergent. The twenty-four-year-old Freddie dressed in velvet trousers carelessly outlined couple of sketches and, as usual, plunged into dreams. He thought of day when he is able to offer the world which - that it is more interesting, for example, himself as fate - a star. He slowly got up, was developed on a platform of the boots, took a long ruler which one end rested to itself against a groin. His left hand conducted in a step of a melody which it removed in imagination, and the dark face expressed ecstasy. Having slightly slightly opened a mouth, trying to hide the teeth which are given forward, he started singing: The Lilac look in my dreams

There will pass 6 years, and he instead of a ruler will hold a microphone rack in hand, imitating playing the imagined guitar. Thousands of admirers will cannot stop delight, shouting: Give still! But today`s performance left audience indifferent.

In study the emphasis was placed first of all on creativity. The idea which they should have developed and finished was offered students. One of subjects of a task which was received once by Mercury`s class was called The Ball in the queen`s garden . Students were offered to create images of guests and to draw their portraits. It was the first ball of the queen in which Mercury participated. At that time he could not know that it is an omen of its destiny.

On materials of the book of Ric Skaya Freddie Mercury