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How to learn English independently?

Frankly speaking, for all my life in my environment only once there was a person who independently learned English. However, as there is a wish to believe that this way of training is capable to lead to the necessary result! And here we dream again that we will find time, we will sit down at textbooks, and let`s finish this English despite everything. Well, suddenly you, dear reader, will appear from a number of that small group of people who are really capable to cope with such task. What it is worth paying attention to, starting performance of this mission?

Basis of any language, it construction material - it words. Without having their sufficient quantity in the stock it is difficult to receive a ready-made product as a result - the free speech instead of a heap of words (as well as the ready house instead of a heap of bricks). To learn words, there is all a known often recommended way of their learning - with use of cards. You write the English word on the one hand of a small sheet of paper, and its equivalent in the native language - on the other hand. So you can train the bilateral translation of words, and also postpone away cards with those words which were already well postponed in memory and it is difficult to remember giving in.

And it is possible to use also very amusing way of storing of words, in any case for accumulation of an initial stock. Write words on small sheets of paper (for example, on stickers - leaves with the glued strip on the one hand) and stick them on the house. For example, on the refrigerator there will be a sticker refrigerator on a chair - armchare on a wall wall and so on. This way is also good the fact that you not just see the written word, but also see a real thing which it designates.

Unfortunately, not all minimum necessary vocabulary can be studied in such a way. And other minuses in this way enough: it is important to remember and train the correct pronunciation, to learn to write these words without mistakes. But the main thing - knowing only words, you will not be able to communicate. Only words - happen a little, it is necessary to be able to use them in the speech, including to use appropriately and in the correct value. Also be attentive: in dictionaries, especially bilingual (English - Russians and russko - English) outdated turns can meet. As for financial expenses, in this case they are minimum. However, as well as return from such study.

It is well, obvious that the grammar is necessary. For this purpose the grammatical reference book or the textbook is required. The reference book will suit those who already to have initial knowledge, but wants to systematize them and to understand - when and how it is necessary to connect words to receive the necessary concrete thought. Than also the grammar is engaged. Easier way - to take the textbook and to be engaged on it: from the very beginning, if are not sure of the knowledge at all or did not learn English (it is possible to carry also to other foreign language) or to be run according to pages with the clear and studied by you sections to the place in which you do not feel absolutely sure and to start study of subjects.

Well, it is already best of all, than know just words. However, and there are shortcomings: even if the audiodisk will be applied to the self-instruction manual and you will be able to listen to the speech of the native speaker, will still speak to you there is nobody. And even if you learned to understand well what is told by the person in record, there is a probability that you will not be able to understand other record (for example, another audio - a course, either the video movie, or news) or the live speech.

However as you already understand, the part of a problem can be solved, watching a lot of different video (for example, having connected digital television or buying DVD with movies with the English and Russian postscoring and subtitlings) and listening to audio (audioperformances, radio, audiobooks, anything else). This way is useful only to those from you who promoted in English. Otherwise as you recognize aurally the phrase which was never read and do not know the words which are its part? And except a direct sense of words there are also a slang and idioms. For a start select simple, initial level movies (children`s animated cartoons or specially created educational video). More accurately with learning and the use of phrases from modern movies and series which you managed to understand intuitively on the movie course - you risk to learn that, from - for what you can get into an awkward situation later.

Despite all seeming progressiveness of a method, try to observe balance. Only listening to the English speech (or focusing on it), do not miss development of ability to reading, the letter and oral speech - these should be engaged separately.

The multimedia course unites all three directions of development of your abilities (an English course for the computer). Here you can hear words and to see their writing and to print them on the keyboard (that, however, does not replace development of ability to write the same words on paper) and to watch video fragments, and (that is important) the knowledge prepared according to your level and understanding foreign.

There are even programs of recognition of the speech which (as producers declare) help to modify a pronunciation. Let`s not press in the detailed analysis of quality of such programs now, I will only mark that any most perfect program does not possess the abilities close to human yet. If it is simpler to speak, it is necessary to speak - that to you with people, but not with the program. It is important that living people understood you. In other words, at all multimedia of courses skill of oral speech does not develop and in this case.

Well, bright people have a decision and for this problem - communication on the Internet. It is possible to avoid payment of calls abroad, using the programs allowing to communicate by voice. It is possible even to see the interlocutor at the same time. However, at least initial skill of communication is necessary here. whether

Will begin to care new acquaintances for your English? How long they will pay you attention? It is necessary to agree or about an exchange of services, or about payment of occupations. But then we leave from a subject of self-training and we pass to modification of usual study: online - to English courses. In case you go abroad, the problem with language remains approximately the same that when training online. In both of these cases you need to pay also attention to reading and the letter - these precisely should be engaged independently.

How to avoid all these problems? The answer - to go to study as an English course. To spend a little time, money and efforts, to learn bases, having built the strong base, and then - to be improved. On a course - training of English of Applied Education you have an opportunity to develop all necessary skills, main and basic of which all - is oral communication. On this course you study English in the same natural way which learned the native language. How it is possible? Learn. having visited a free fact-finding lesson of our course.

Whatever way of training you chose, I wish you to achieve the objectives!