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How to cope with sleeplessness?

Practically the situation when just you dream to reach a bed is familiar to everyone and to fall asleep a sweet dream, but, at last having appeared in it, turn with a side sideways and cannot fall asleep at half of the night. In our nervous century sleeplessness - the phenomenon very widespread. It can be a consequence of nervous breakdowns, stresses, heavy intellectual overfatigue. Whether it is possible to struggle with this illness?

It is possible to struggle with sleeplessness and it is necessary as only the healthy sleep is vital to an organism. Some councils which will help you to relax and be adjusted on good rest are given below.

you do not go to bed if no, desire

does not need to try to force to fall asleep if you do not want it - it will only worsen situation, will cause irritation. It is better to be engaged in some quiet business - to read the book, to watch TV, to be engaged in needlework.

Tomorrow is a new day

Should not be engaged in important issues late at night - it will lead only to an additional emotional pressure and a headache. It is better to postpone them to morning, and the decision will surely come with a fresh mind .

you Monitor food

Consumption on night of heavy and greasy food (meat, bean, crude vegetables, black bread, etc.) causes sleeplessness as the organism is forced to be engaged not in rest, but digestion of eaten. Even if it will be possible to fall asleep, the dream will be uneasy. Besides, after 5 o`clock in the evening doctors do not recommend to drink drinks with high content of caffeine (coffee, chocolate, strong tea, power engineering specialists). And here such products as green apples, kefir or warm milk with honey, on the contrary, promote a relaxation and easier falling asleep.

Sport and once again sport!

Regular trainings sport allow not only to keep

in a muscle tone, but also promote an emotional discharge, strengthen nervous system. However you should not play sports for the night - better to stop occupations in 4 - 5 hours prior to a dream. At desire before going to bed you can make small relaksiruyushchy warm-up - for example, on an extension.

And again about sex

Sex - the most ancient and reliable tool from sleeplessness. Having received a discharge, our organism has a rest, we as much as possible relax. Besides, after an orgasm in an organism substances, " are produced; responsible for a dream.

It is all about preparation

is Before going to bed important to be adjusted on the necessary wave . The heat bath with a foam iceberg at the muffled light, soft grinding by a towel, a light massage of the head will help to drive away alarms and cares and to be dissolved in Morpheus`s embraces!

More carefully with the drugs

Somnolent preparations have to be applied only on doctor`s orders as continuous reception of such drugs causes accustoming. Besides, many of them have a number of side effects in the form of drowsiness, slackness, impossibility to concentrate.

the Aromatherapy

Curative properties of aromatic oils were known to

still since ancient times. For the people having sleeplessness is one of the most effective and safe ways to get rid of an unpleasant illness. Most often for this purpose use oil of a lavender, a peppermint, a nutmeg, lemon, a rose which well influence nervous system, helping to relax and remove stress.

One of modern methods of an aromatherapy are Extraplast Aroma plasters From Sleeplessness. Extraplast Aroma represent a hydrogel plaster which part natural essential oils are. The plaster fastens on a forehead for the night, has the easy cooling effect and pleasant aroma. Difference of this method from a traditional aromatherapy that hydrogel protects essential oils from contact with air, helping to keep their curative properties for a long time. Thus, one plaster will work during the whole night, providing you a healthy and quiet sleep!

Plasters of Extraplast Aroma have no contraindications and side effects, can be used by adults and children, and also women during pregnancy and a lactation.

With it a miracle - a plaster you will forever forget about sleeplessness and will be able to find the healthy sound sleep bringing to your organism good rest.