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Passively - the obedient majority? As we fear any changes of

In article heading well-known, in my opinion, still the afanasyevsky phrase about aggressively - the obedient majority. In my opinion, he then spoke at the First Congress of People`s Deputies of the USSR. Though I could mix, a lot of time left! But little changed. And matter not only in policy, but also, so to say, in features of life at the present stage of life. In features of present life.

Recently saw the reporting on how bandits beat the woman in shop, somewhere in full and it seems as to democratic Europe You know who to it rushed to the aid? Disabled person! And normal, walking buyers so accurately pass nearby. Consumer society. Society of indifference? Actually, it is feature of mentality. There is a law of Ohm: Current goes on the way the smallest resistance . There is a law of human psychology: The majority follows the line of least resistance " too;. Persons, PERSONS became a little.

Other word - the INHABITANT. To which anything of that kind difficult and God forbid disturbing soul - it is not necessary. There is a certain level of the income, prosperity. There is no wish to change, do anything superfluous ridiculous gestures . I hear objections: a pier, and that in it bad? There is a family, relatives eventually. Probably, and has to be? The most interesting, as relatives not always support you if you suddenly decided to change. One my client who passed at us a weight loss marathon, told how in bayonets houses apprehended her changes. The argument is simple: Well and that you decided to torment yourself again? All the same you WILL GATHER EVERYTHING BACK! In the argument there was both a disbelief, and pseudo-pity, and... pseudo-love. When the lady successfully dumped 30 kg of hated fat, tactics of an environment was replaced: Oh it was better earlier! We so got used to you that . Behind brackets: that which did not find for itself time which for all did everything, only not for itself! Of course, got used!

Sadly, ladies and gentlemen! Sadly, as all of us crust indifference, laziness and apathy. What to be surprised to growth of incidence of obesity and growth of any fraudulent offers. And if deeply to ponder, calculated almost on oligophrenic persons. Magic capsules, linen, plots against obesity. Look at what inquiries is in Yandex on this subject! Horror, game! And about universal methods which are duplicated in all cities by some pseudo-medical firms I will just keep silent

the Attentive reader will notice that the author too sharply passes with high morals on some low moments. And I to you, dear readers, will answer - all this is connected. People start themselves, begin to convince themselves that nothing can already be made and it is already the moment of disrespect for itself. Dislike for. As it is possible to love others, without loving itself?

There is a little humour: recently saw a question in the Guest book of our website www. elizaveta - mc. ru: Hello! Whether weight loss after 50 when in an organism there is a mass of changes is possible and from former symmetry there is no trace left also? Excess weight prevents to live if to consider that all life it was almost normal. There were 72 kg., there are no 97 kg with a height of 177 cm, obvious problems with health now. I thank for the answer. The Person it seems asks, and the answer already is in a question. Attentive it is seen. So unites all these moments: indifference to others, indifference to? RESISTANCE! Banal psychological resistance.

What types of resistance exist? There are classical forms of protection. For example, denial .

We often apply it in everyday life though never we think of it. Everything begins in the early childhood. The child hides under a blanket for own nightmares. Even the baby knows that if you see unfamiliar and therefore the terrible uncle or a big dog, it is the best of all to blink and bury properly in a mother`s neck. The uncle and a dog right there will disappear! Well, and adults do a little in a different way, of course. So one client at me two did not get up year on scales, not to be upset

Still often psychological protection in the form of expansion of borders of the phenomenon meets . There are examples: All eat sweet and not necessarily become fat men . All drink beer, before dances all drink. It is so accepted . Unless it is possible to be quiet in our uneasy time?! After 45 years from - for a climax all the same all gain weight, to fight against it is useless . There is such generalization, and examples which disprove these statements, just are not considered, ignored. And if are not ignored then is rational explanation even to opposite examples: Well, if she could grow thin, the sea of free time means at her, and I such unfortunate and will never find so much time for myself!)

Transfer of responsibility. Unless it is possible not to smoke during such nervous work, how at me? If I had more careful parents, then I would never become an addict . If mother who was not eternally afraid of everything on light, unless I would have fear neurosis? Why I drink? And how not to drink at mine - that life? I thick of - for doctors who began me to stuff with " hormones;. I am full as the father and mother who overfed me are guilty of everything. And I will be able already to make nothing

Disbelief in a possibility of changes. Show me at least one stroynyashka which could keep the weight? Elena? Yes it here - here again will become full, it is already visible! Also was so already many times! . If you say that the illness is incurable, then why to torment yourself with treatment? I many times tried to leave off smoking, and it was impossible to me, it will not turn out and this time . All these methods of fight against excess weight - continuous charlatanism!

Transfer of ways of the psychological protection having a phenomenon of ignoring of an illness in the basis can be continued. How many dependent people, are so much also ways to escape from a problem. People use psychological protection unconsciously, sincerely believing in what prevents to restore physical or sincere health to them ill fate, circumstances, other people etc. Actually a hindrance is protection. It is impossible to defend from a vicious dog, having narrowed eyes.

How to distinguish and overcome harmful protection? Whether exists useful protection, not destroying personality and not offending other people? Protection which does not weaken and strengthens the will to win? Speaking in images, not protection - a children`s blanket and protection - a bullet-proof vest ? As you already guessed, progressive forms of psychological protection exist.

Among such ways psychologists most often note sublimation (replacement) and updating of a problem. Option first - sublimation . This protection assumes transfer of attention from the problem on something else: on care of a family, for work, creativity, a hobby. At the same time we do not ignore dependence, an illness. We realize it as a real hindrance on the way to a definite purpose: to become the great artist or the athlete, to earn worthy money, to establish a family. However the similar option of psychological protection is effective only for those who initially have very high level of motivation. And their motivation is not health for the sake of health and a healthy lifestyle for the sake of an opportunity to work wholeheartedly . Quite often by means of creativity or switching of attention to new work of people in passing, it is imperceptible for itself, gets rid of psychological problems. However such option of psychological protection does not suit most of people because at the beginning of the recovery period at them weak motivation.

In this case the way of updating of a problem well works (if to speak a simple language - concentration of attention on a problem, recognition of its fact), and it often brings success!

We work with the client`s resistance, with his protection. We help it to overcome them and to begin to live in harmony with ourselves, in harmony with own body. The address to the psychologist becomes norm as very often people need the qualified help of experts.

Hello, Ilya and Natalya! I send you the photos (the first photo - to the MARATHON - the weight of 85 kg., and the second - AFTER the MARATHON - weight 66. 8 kg).

yours faithfully, Matytsina Anna Fiodorovna, 29, the Marathon - Orenburg 15. 04. 10 - 18. 04. 10

of Hello Ilya Aleksandrovich. I Send

to you, as promised, the photos before and after a marathon. You very strongly helped me, low to you bow!!!

Orenburg. The marathon Nikiforova Irina Nikolaevna

Height is from April 16 to April 19, 2009 158 cm. Weight prior to unloading of 104 kg. After unloading of 101 kg. Weight after a marathon of 98 kg. Weight a week ago 77 kg. Weight at the time of sending the diary of 76 kg.

yours faithfully, Nikiforova Irina.