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Real step of your educational institution to an era of digital technologies.

the Most modern information technologies and the free software for educational institutions are not a fantasy, it is reality!

All-Ukrainian school " portal; Klasna ots_nka on the basis of National space university of N. E. of Zhukovsky Kharkiv aviation institute (com. ua) - the unique innovative project allowing educational institution to open new opportunities in educational and educational work.

A set of free services from the " Portal; Klasna ots_nka in total - in - one allows educational institution to develop:

1. Own professional website on fast a hosting (if it is necessary).

2. System of distance learning:

- supply of theoretical material (lesson / lecture, description of practical / laboratory work, glossary, frequently asked questions, library);

- check of digestion of material (tasks, tests for self-checking and estimation, etc.). It is possible to create tests with the multiple choice, the single choice, the verbal answer. It is possible to create school courses (for concrete classes), with support of the teacher and automatic - for pupils of other schools, etc.;

- communication with the teacher and between pupils (personal messages, a forum, etc.).

3. Electronic school diaries:

- electronic cool magazines;

- wide set of services of electronic diaries of school students: class timetable, homeworks, estimates, remarks, news, communication between users, etc.;

- the convenient tool for parents and teachers (reports, selections, etc.) .

4. Blogs of users, a forum, electronic library, etc.

Introduction in educational institution of a free set of the software from the " Portal; Klasna ots_nka allows:

1. To organize the authorized personal entrance for users.

2. To involve in filling of the website of school of pupils, parents at the expense of the distributed system of access rights.

3. To carry out exchange of experience of teachers not only in school, but also between schools and many other things.

Thanks to the free software from the All-Ukrainian school " portal; Klasna ots_nka (com. ua) educational institution can provide to parents the most actual information on the child`s life at school today, save time and forces thanks to opportunities of distance learning, to increase the appeal among children and their parents.