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And you know three magic words for management of time?

How to use three magic words a time - management in LeaderTask:

1. Creation of lists of tasks (Plan!).

2. Installation of terms and priorities (Prioritize!)

3. The review of tasks for today (Act!)


Creation of the list of tasks

To start effective planning of time needs to create the list of all tasks which have to be executed soon and the foreseeable future. It is possible to create a task the next ways:

To press the Ins

key To right-click and in the menu to choose To Add a task by

To choose the " button in a toolbar; To Add a task

Any in the way, convenient for you, write down all tasks in LeaderTask.

So the list of tasks in the program an organizer of LeaderTask

Installation of terms and priorities


After the list of tasks is ready, it is necessary to define as when to carry out. If the task has to be carried out in a certain day, then it needs to appropriate that time in which this task will be actual. It is possible to appropriate term to a task in several ways:

in properties of a task to click on the " button; Term

to postpone a task from a tree to the necessary date in a calendar.

To allocate the main tasks, i.e. those which are most important - they need to appropriate the corresponding priority. For assignment of a priority it is possible to use several ways:

To press hot combination Ctrl+PgUp

In properties of a task to click on the " button; priority - to choose the necessary priority at a task

the Review of tasks for today

After lists of tasks are ready, tasks are distributed on terms and have a priority, it is possible to pass to performance of these tasks. To understand that to do today - it is necessary to click on the " button; Today which is located in the navigator under a calendar. At the choice Today in a tree of tasks tasks which are planned for today will be displayed, those that have no term and a task which have last terms. Thus in Today all tasks, actual this day, are displayed. At the same time need to look through last days disappears that to forget nothing. All necessary tasks will be in Today. If any task from Today to postpone to future date - that this task will be displayed that day, before its term it will not disturb the current tasks.

You can download free of charge the full LeaderTask version and use it within 45 days.