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What to do if children do not want to obey?

She brought together all girls of school and explained that she wants that they ceased to kiss a mirror because it is unhygienic, not really beautifully looks and it is very difficult to wash away lipstick from a mirror. She was happy how she explained all to girls, and thought that she convinced girls not to kiss a mirror and that now it will remain pure. To its great regret, girls this entertainment very much was pleasant: they made up lips, kissed a mirror, and then guessed who possesses this or that kiss . So they without any zazreniye of conscience continued to do it.

Then the director brought together little girls again and promised to organize a party if they at least do not kiss week a mirror. But, alas! And it did not help. Very much girls liked their game. To stop they and did not gather.

On the third time the director called girls and threatened them that if she catches them on the place crimes will deduct them from school. The result turned out just the same, as well as in the previous two times - girls continued to kiss a mirror.

Having been disappointed that any of three methods did not work (neither belief, nor encouragement, nor punishment), she thought up the brilliant solution of this problem.

Having brought together all girls in a toilet, the director started over again explaining that all these kisses on a mirror - it is a big problem. It is unhygienic, ugly and kisses it is heavy to wash at the end of the day. She told: I tried everything to talk some sense into you and that you ceased to do it. But neither the belief, nor encouragement, nor punishment worked you. You continue to kiss a mirror. And I thought that if you see how it is difficult to wash every day a mirror from yours creativity you realize it and at last will leave a mirror alone .

And to show how it was difficult for the cleaner to wash every evening a mirror, the director asked it to show how it did it. The cleaner took a brush on the long handle, dipped it in a toilet bowl, and began to rub a mirror. All girls began to shout and in horror to touch the lips.

Since then any kiss on a mirror it was not noticed!

There are Teachers, and there are Teachers . Recently I held a number of seminars for teachers and parents in Russia. I told this joke in each group. And when I was asked to help to solve some specific problem, I always asked: What can you make that the mirror remained pure? . That is how you can think unconventionally and find application for those tools and advice which I to you gave?

I very much like to collect similar stories and jokes where teachers, parents or pupils thought up new unusual decisions which helped to prevent or cope with problems in the simplest way. If you have examples of such situations from others, please, write to me by e-mail through Applied Education (info@apscis. ru).

And good luck in maintenance of a mirror pure !

Bernard Percy.

Reference: Bernard Percy is a teacher, the consultant, the expert in the field of education of children and the solution of family questions; the author of books and numerous and publications, among which How to grow up the child councils of children to parents Help the child with " school;; cofounder and editor-in-chief of the " magazine; Converge . More than 20 years is the Representative of the international Applied Education. Successful family man, father of three children.