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And all of you know about diets - products?

of 7 myths about diets - products
Wishing to lose excess weight, you passed to a low-calorie diet... Perhaps, is not necessary?

1. Pineapple the Riddle of a bromelayn helps to burn fats


It is considered i that the enzyme which is contained in pineapples bromelayn allegedly accelerates splitting of fats and helps to grow thin. It is incorrect! Actually . The molecule of a bromelayn is so big that is not able to pass through an intestines wall, and the soaked-up parts lose activity and are not capable to split fats. Conclusion? Time on hypodermically - fatty cellulose bromelayn has no effect, so it is not able to return former symmetry. And here can improve digestion process bromelayn really.

2. Chocolate under a ban Is considered

that the sweet loved by many contains many calories therefore it is better for that who keeps a figure to refuse it. Actually

it is optional to i to taboo sweet. Give preference to dark chocolate. It is important that it contained not less than 75 percent of cocoa - beans, and the portion was no more than 50 g. And, certainly, it is not necessary to replace with sweet full meal.

3. Products light help to become more harmonous. Do not trust! Actually Fat-free low-calorie does not mean yet. For strengthening of taste add sugar, starch to these products. lungs products not less kaloriyna, than their classical analogs.

4. Grow thin on juice Fruit juice is ideal for those who seek to lose weight, they are low-calorie and stimulate digestion process - such is ordinary opinion. Actually Useful fruit juice contains fructose - it is real high-calorie trap . if, for example, in day you drink 0,5 l (two apolny glasses) of freshly squeezed orange juice, then gain about 520 kcal - on caloric content does not concede to a full-fledged lunch. Conclusion. To reduce caloric content, dissolve juice with boiled cold water (in a proportion 1:3) and drink no more than one glass a day.

5. Brown sugar is safer white Excess consumption of sugar in any kind promotes violation of a fatty exchange, increase in concentration of cholesterol and Saar in blood., that leads to an imbalance in an organism. Actually Brown sugar contains more calories, than white (in 100 g of white lump sugar - 409 kcal, in brown - about 413). Besides, brown sugar is worse acquired and provokes intestinal problems. Conclusion. It is better to replace sugar with honey. Being quickly acquired in an organism, it does not cause fat accumulation. Besides thanks to easy laxative action honey at the regular use promotes clarification.

6. It is impossible to have supper after six hours . Refusal of a dinner leads to the fact that an organism includes the accumulation mode, and fat does not burn down, and begins to be postponed even more actively. Actually You do not grow thin, and gain weight. Conclusion. The ideal menu for a dinner - cottage cheese with a spoon of honey, 50 ml of yogurt, 100 ml of kefir or curdled milk with melkorubleny I am green. The calcium which is contained in fermented milk products promotes active combustion of fat.

7. Dried fruits - the best having a snack. Got hungry? You St dried apricots. not all dried fruits are equally useful. Actually to give to dried fruits a trade dress. They are specially processed that does them not such useful, as when drying in the natural way. Conclusion. Buy dried fruits not in supermarkets, and in the market. From them there is more advantage.