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What is affirmation and as they work?

of Affirmation are the statements helping to change our views and to create that future to which we aspire. But not only Affirmation`s

are thoughts, the word, feeling, emotion which each of us uses in everyday life. At the same time, as all of us understand, we not always use positive, but also negative statements. So first of all if you want to change the life to the best by means of affirmation, then it is necessary to use them only in a positive form.

So how it works?

Think of what you tell? Consider how many once a day, for example you or the people surrounding you pronounce the word Nightmare!!! and Horror!!! These words should be forgotten! Instead of them you tell every time Hurrah! If aloud this way it is difficult to act, you can tell it about yourself. The main thing - to replace each negative impulse with positive.

Or, for example, the phrase of the surprised person I don`t think! does not maintain any criticism at all. Remember once and for all - To In total . And only this way, then wellbeing will follow you on heels.

Our thoughts and emotions form our life and our environment. Remember that similar attracts to itself only similar. Negative thoughts attract negative events in our life, and fears and fears will surely be embodied, if ourselves projected them. What you think of, and become that.

From the aforesaid it is possible to draw a remarkable conclusion: positive thoughts and emotions of love, happiness and pleasure, will attract in our life happy events and people necessary to us .

And for those who are convinced that it does not work. I will explain that affirmation can not work only in one case - if there is a conflict between what you tell and who you are actually. That is, if you think one, tell another, and mean the third, then your guardian angels especially cannot understand that you want to receive actually. That is, if you speak every day I Want a suitcase of money and subconsciousness answers in reply Aha, hi - hi, now 10 more times I will repeat and I will receive even two suitcases This theory " does not work; of course, nothing will work. Because there is no specific goal. Is simple I want .

The main thing - your positive spirit, belief that at you everything will turn out. Come at first to harmony in yourself, and you will notice at once that the world around you changed. Changed so as far as you wanted it.

So, in - the first, any positive statement is formulated in the present or as already come true fact. In - the second, should not be particles not . In - the third, it has to be directed only for a good cause and for good and love in all Universe.

And one more moment, not those desires of which you think that you want come true. And those which execution is wanted actually by your subconsciousness. So, be not surprised if what you so passionately wanted comes true, but were even afraid to think of it

Of course, I cannot but cite as an example great Louise Hay who is a founder of the theory of affirmation. In spite of the fact that she was born in very poor family, was exposed in the childhood to mockeries from people around and to many other things about which I will not tell, it changed the life by means of positive thinking which became a being of her life (persons interested can read its books where she tells about a way of this change much). And all that Louise Hay managed to reach, she reached without assistance by the active application mastered and even the method of positive thinking improved by it which cornerstone its unique affirmation are. This woman by own forces restored the ruined health (got rid of a uterus cancer without drugs and operations, but only by force of thought) and adjusted the destiny!

One more important remark. Can change Affirmation your life therefore, first of all, reflect and whether it is worth changing that life which you have now. How to be told, it is not necessary to repair what did not break. If you resolved that changes are necessary for you as air, then forward. We are waited by great causes.

Pronouncing affirmation is an effective way of achievement of the purpose, happiness, love, internal harmony, health and wellbeing. Work with them every day, saying them aloud or about themselves, and the result will not keep waiting!

And the last council before you begin to apply affirmation, ask forgiveness for yourself and for the body that thought of someone earlier (especially about themselves) badly, that experienced negative emotions, and promise themselves to think and speak from this point only positively. Also keep this promise.

When your life will be filled by only positive thoughts, feelings and emotions, together with them will come and there will be with you forever a world, mutual understanding, sympathy, ability to forgive and the most important - love. I wish you to learn to see

Ya good in all you meet, and believe, the world will answer you with the same. Positive light thoughts will conduct you on life and will open before you all doors.