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Review of movies The Being in the " basket 1 and 2;

Once, nothing in appearance not the remarkable, most ordinary guy come to New - York. The only thing that allocates the curly provincial from crowd - it is a huge wattled basket which he does not leave for a second. Dwayne Bradley, namely so call the main character, not such the lovely rural young man at all as mistakenly believe people around. And in the basket with handles and a padlock he drags not an armful of dirty linen, and even not a favourite collection of pornofilms at all, and something much, much more terribly.

Why Dwayne arrived to Big Apple from the godforsaken province? Really only to go sightseeing and pokutit in local night institutions? Alas, but buddy Dwayne did this way not to have a good time. He has to help the brother Blayl to revenge. To revenge for the fact that a few years ago they were separated forever.

It is still interesting to you what is in a basket? You guessed, exactly there Dwayne carries the ugly brother. Blayl has no legs and a trunk, but there is pair of tenacious hands and a powerful jaw which he is ready to tear and throw the unfair and dishonest health workers who separated it from the Siamese twin.

Here such here heart-breaking history. In the first series which was removed by Frank Henenlotter, the beginning cinematographer, in far 1982 the viewer learns about the hard relations of the former Siamese twins which are forced to be together even after surgical division because each of them is not adapted to live in loneliness. If not bloody murders from revenge, then the movie it would be possible to write down in the category of drama, considering sincere throwings of the hero and his attempt to adjust own life and to help the brother at the same time.

Despite the love to a piece of flesh which it is possible to call only with a big stretch the human being Dwayne subconsciously seeks to get rid of this communication. He wants to be normal, wants to meet the girl Sheron, wants to be as all. But also has no right to throw the basket relative too. Or just is afraid? Between it and the monster there is a certain telepathic communication, and, sooner or later, Blayl learns about all intimate and secret desires of the normal brother.

Henenlotter`s picture by right is considered cult classics of a genre of horror films, uniting in itself not only an intense plot, but also an obvious social perspective. However, as well as it is necessary for tapes of such level, the emphasis here all - becomes on entertaining, bloody a component, and social implication is mentioned only casually.

By itself that you should not expect from low budget, almost amateur tape of almost thirty-year prescription of any breaks in the field of actor`s game or special effects. For the leading man, Kevin Van Hentenrik, this picture, and also two followed continuations, became the only noticeable event in a short film career. Visually the first part reminds an animated cartoon Plasticine crow with impurity of scary pictures from cabinet of curiosities. Nevertheless, the director and screenwriter Henenlotter spent the available 35 000 dollars not for nothing, the tape enjoyed popularity. In this connection, eight years later the director decided on continuation. And very in vain.

Tape The Being in a basket 2 left in 1990, concedes to the original in all respects in spite of the fact that the sequel fell into James Glikenkhaus`s hands, the director Patron with participation of Jackie Chan and producer The Maniac - the police officer (1988). Together with a name also big money, and also professional actors, specialists in a make-up and visual special effects came. However the charm of low cost and originality of the first movie was gone at all.

History of the sequel proceeds directly since that moment where the first part ended. Dropped out in a sheaf of a window of the fourth floor, Dwayne and his dreadful brother appear in hospital, under a sight of the journalists and charlatans seeking to squeeze out a maximum of this history. However Siamese brothers suddenly have adherents in the person of Grenni Ruth and her assistant Suzann which as it appeared, deal with similar cases for a long time and even contain secretly from people around a shelter for such as Blayl.

Running from hospital, brothers settle among freaks in Grenni Ruth`s shelter and, appear, find long-awaited tranquility and composure. Not here - that was. Dwayne starts over again dreaming of getting rid from monstropodobny in fact and by the form the brother, now to him is on whom him to leave. At the same time he tries to improve the relations with nice Suzann, though unsuccessfully. Journalists and photographers, greedy to sensations, do not leave them alone too, trying to make the way by hook or by crook in a shelter and to slightly open a veil of secrecy. Well, their desire will come true, though in very perverted look.

In the second part of a horror film creators went by often wrong principle more - means better . Having considered that for a suspense and deduction of spectator attention they will need not one, and several monsters, authors literally flooded a tape with awful, ugly creations. Here only, unfortunately, the quantity did not turn into quality though attempts it is available. Make-up artists tried wonderfully well, having made the monster Blayn really similar to the brother this time, and also having added him bigger realness.

Nevertheless, the sequel appeared much more boringly than the original, having forced the viewer to shudder not from uncertainty, and from a visual koshmarization that very predictably and plainly.

Failure with continuation did not break Henenlotter who later last time returned two years to history and removed the finishing chord in this trilogy - The Being in a basket 3: Posterity .