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the Author - ANNA KUNOVSKAYA, Arth are a curator, the editor-in-chief of the " magazine; Sammler .

In Moscow there took place the main fair about the modern art. It is almost only, well it is fine, there is still something ( Ural industrial besides) and main much more priyatstvenny word, than single . A fair, in addition, international, with good people from Avstro - Hungary, Cuba, Scandinavia and, of course, Japan. People without irony good and talented - David Datun, Normud Latsis, Oksana Mas.

Organizers ardently and convincingly declared that they will not allow contemptuously any more and with neglect to treat the Russian exhibitions and that at all everyone does not buy from us. With pride overseas galleries (generally not really quoted, it is valid) which were listed it was refused participation. Allegedly Moscow judges are a good judge in exhibited now and any rubbish for thousands will not buy - and from the Russian fairs really reputation of places where it is possible to merge everything that more was not bought anywhere.

And to merge at the price of a good car, in rare instances - even a premium - a class. Well ok, cars from the West took away from some curators, and the hell with them, but the sold Russian artists on an art - Moscow two thirds, and dear visitors from near and far - respectively, a third. It is such feature domestic torgovo - art criticism actions, prefer the here, and the zarubezhka works or mass meeting (if so-so a set), or such Sharon Stone on MMKF - it is clear that a festival not about Sharon Stone, and absolutely about other cinema, but here it abrupt and we with it sit at one table.

Well and, of course, necessary buffoonery with burst a star (an attraction where it is possible to inflate and blow to pieces a latex figure of the hero of a shoubiz) and the box where you can have a look a porn based on Sergey Eisenstein`s creativity. Buffoonery - it is quite good too if you understand nothing art, then instead of with a forced clever physiognomy to loaf about stands, it is possible just to burst a star and to be glad. In total it was sold a delicacy for 4,5 million euros - well, on the London Frieze Art Fair can there are four exhibits, so in London and traffic jams so much, for example, there are no such and that now. But why concrete The Art - Moscow more weakly concrete The Art - London - The Art - London it is possible to consider any successful western (or east that now is even more actual) project of this sort.

Cannot be in the country of one big biennial, one big fair. It is not serious. Does not happen so that here we have one copy of powerful and outstanding, and fifteen copies of indistinctness and mediocrity. In order that something big appeared, this fifteen just should be given to the category of decent. To Koreas there is Kvanchzhu, the Seoul media Biennial, the biennial in Busana They are events, there go, there seek to get. All these actions at each other if are similar, then that are similar because they have a different subject, a different set of the invited artists and galleries, different curators. That The Art - Moscow became a sign point on the map - the guide to fairs of people of the world, it is necessary that was Arth - Peter The Art - Novosibirsk The Art - Vyshny Volochyok . Though is not present, the last is not necessary, perhaps, and that it precisely will be a point, at the end of the letter.

There is such biennial of architecture in Venice. Once a year architects (abrupt, with names and the constructed stadiums - palaces) come and show the new ideas. As a rule, the most ambitious, such towns of the future turn out simply. These specifics, but all who are interested in modern architecture know - the main ideas will be in the fall in Venice. Why in Russia not to create the festival devoted to concrete subject? Yes to the same architecture. The most pompous and important to move to Venice, of course, but we will pick up perspective faces in the second echelon. It is clear, what someone has to be engaged in it, someone has to give money - but they are in Italy, and developer (the architecture has relation to developers, the truth?) the market at us much more brisk and solvent.

Or it is carried out in Copenhagen U-turn . About it it is specified in all questionnaires that there art, and art, nacherchenny and ornamented by artists with the left-wing political views is not simple. Well, Copenhagen, there in general is demand for socialism - lite. And here under this fashion U-turn very successfully gets. Where similar in Russia? I do not ask some, in the name of God, CPRF to organize fairs to artists, but we have talented children with a notorious active civic stand. Let about them there will be in news something except . the artist - the anti-fascist is beaten in the city of N - a ska by unknown .

It is clear, that place leftism any can borrow political (or, for example, ecological) a perspective.

All these examples not that The Art - Moscow - awfully and boringly. Not awfully, though boringly, truth. And to the fact that there is no art on once a year. It is such big and difficult process where people who create, people who collect participate and expose, people who buy. And fairs are already a consequence of such process. Also it is impossible to replace it with the annual offer of pictures and installations for stars of show and just business.

Then to be, maybe, on The Art - Moscow more people for replenishment an art - collections, and less than those who want " will come; to burst a star .