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What we were? To children 50 - 60 - 70 - 80 - x it is devoted to

If you were a child in 50 - e, 60 - e, 70 - e or 80 - e, looking back, it is difficult to believe that we managed to live till today.

In the childhood we drove cars without belts and safety cushions. The trip on the cart harnessed by a horse in warm summer day was inexpressible pleasure. Our beds were painted with bright paints with the high content of lead. There were no confidential covers on bubbles with drugs, doors often were not locked, and cases were never locked. We drank water from a column at the corner, but not from plastic bottles. Could come to nobody to mind to ride on are big in a helmet. Horror. For hours we made carts and scooters of boards and bearings from a dump and when for the first time rushed from the mountain, remembered that we forgot to attach brakes. After we drove in prickly bushes several times, we dealt with this problem.

We left the house in the morning and played all day, coming back when streetlights were lit where they were. The whole day nobody could learn where we. Mobile phones were not! It is difficult to present. We cut hands and legs, broke bones and beat out teeth, and nobody against anybody filed a lawsuit. There was everyone. Only we were guilty and nobody else.

You remember? We fought till it bleeds and went in bruises, getting used not to pay attention to it. We ate cakes, ice cream, drank lemonade, but nobody from it got fat because all of us time rushed and played. From one bottle saw several people, and nobody died of it. We had no game consoles, computers, 165 channels of satellite television, a compact - disks, cell phones, the Internet, we rushed to watch the animated film all crowd to the next house, video players were not too!

But we had friends. We left the house and found them. We rode velika, started up matches on spring streams, sat on a shop, on a fence or in a schoolyard and stirred about what wanted. When someone was necessary to us, we knocked at the door, rang a call or just came and saw them. You remember? Without demand!! One in this cruel and dangerous world! Without protection!

As we in general survived?

We thought out games with sticks and cans, we stole apples in gardens and ate cherries with stones, and stones did not sprout at us in a stomach.

Everyone at least once registered in soccer, hockey or volleyball, but not all got to team. Those who did not get learned to cope with disappointment.

Some pupils were not as bright as the others therefore they remained for the second year. Control and examinations were not subdivided into 10 levels, and estimates included 5 points theoretically, and 3 points actually.

On changes we poured over each other water from old reusable syringes!

Our acts were our own. We were ready to consequences.

To hide there was nobody. That it is possible to pay off from cops or to otkosit concepts from army, practically did not exist. Parents of those years usually sided with the law, can imagine!? This generation generated a huge number of people who can risk, solve problems and create something that was not before, simply did not exist. We had a freedom of choice, the right for risk and failure, responsibility, and we somehow just learned to use all this.

If you one of this generation, I congratulate you. We were lucky that our childhood and youth ended before the government bought from youth freedom in exchange for rollers, mobile phones, factory of stars and cool croutons... From their consensus... For their own benefit...

* * *

Actually in the world not seven wonders of the world, and it is much bigger. Just we got used to them and sometimes we do not even notice. Well unless not a miracle first Soviet aftershave? You remember?

newspaper Pieces.

And such miracle how tuning of the car the Muscovite - 412? You remember? 5 - cheap coins on windshield perimeter, a fur wheel, the epoxy handle of a transmission with a rosette and, naturally, a militia peak-cap on back glass.

And an elastic band from pants - a miracle same too! It perfectly holds both pants, and tights and mittens!

Jam pie - well unless not a miracle? Never you will guess from what party jam will get out!

One more inexplicable miracle - raise, please, hands those who had a normal teacher of work... but not the alien?

And such miracle, a string-bag with meat behind a window leaf? You remember: got to get - pelmeni fell!

And this here wonderful mother`s divorce: I to you buy now, but it to you on birthday ?! Or this magic grandmother`s phrase at parting: Only return banks!

And the refrigerator you remember ZIL, here with such here handle? Same one-armed bandit! You pull the handle - banks pour.

And, by the way, what still lies in refrigerators on a door sideways? No, not eggs. And not ketchup. On a door sideways lie... drugs!

The free medicine is a miracle too. The doctor one, and turns two - one according to coupons, and the second for record. But also the third was - I will only ask!

Yes, how many still them was, these wonders of the world...

the Small window from kitchen in a bathroom - what there to watch, explain?

the Shoe spoon - a horse...

Tooth-powder - cleans both teeth, and silver...

the Pissing boy on a toilet door...

" TV; Rubin - you take passatizh and tyn - tyn - tyn!

of Melting with yakorky... you remember?!

Milk in triangular packages!

And you speak: Seven wonders of the world!

We before a lot of things did it that now and in the head will not climb up to do. Moreover, if you at least once make today that you then did constantly - you will not be understood, and can and take for the madman.

There now, for example, you remember, automatic machines with sparkling water. There still was a thick glass tumbler - one on all. Today and will come to nobody to mind to drink from the general glass! (Today it will be stolen in five seconds after installation of the automatic machine, exactly in three seconds before drag off also the automatic machine...) And earlier all drank from these glasses... Commonplace! And nobody was afraid to catch some infection... By the way, these glasses were used for the affairs by local drunkards. And, imagine, you only present it - they RETURNED a glass into place! You do not trust? And then - a commonplace!

And the people who are hanging up a sheet on a wall, turning off the light and speaking something in beard in the dark? Sect? No, commonplace! Earlier in each house there took place the ceremony which was called - hold the breath - the filmstrip! You remember this miracle?! For whom the projector of filmstrips works now?

The smoke brings down, a caustic smell on all apartment. A plate such with letters. What it is represented to you? Indian great priest Aramonetrigal? Actually it you - zhi - hectare - scientific research institute. Commonplace! Millions of Soviet children burned out cards to mothers for March 8 - Mummy, I congratulate on the international Women`s Day. I wish you the peace sky over the head, and to your son - the bicycle...

And still all sat in a bathroom, and on the lowered toilet seat, and in the dark - and only the red lamp shone there... Guessed? The commonplace - was printed by photos. All our life on these it is black - the white photos printed by own hands, but not the heartless uncle from the Kodak... Well you remember what is a fixative?

Little girls, and you remember elastics? Surprisingly, but any boy on light does not know the rule of this game!

And collecting waste paper at school? Still the question torments - what for? And I then there carried all father`s archive Playboy. And me nothing for it was! Only mother was surprised what the father began to check my homeworks so captiously?!

And Gorbachev`s portraits without birthmark you remember? Unusually And we still remember how Jackson was Black moreover and to the minors! Then it was - a commonplace!

In general, much it was unusual: trips on potato and the diluted beer (not, well the truth it was tasty!). Yes, we were very unusual people!