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Chinese quality. Asian painting at the height of fashion.

Author - ANNA KUNOVSKAYA, Arth is a curator, the editor-in-chief of the « magazine; Sammler .

In the criminal chronicle news - the painting collection for very considerable sum is stolen from the cottage belonging to the director of one important museum. What the collection was news agencies could not specify - Chinese masters, certainly.

Word painting and derivative of the word China lately in tapes are from each other inseparable. To buy up (if you the person successful and well-founded) and to be interested (if you have all ahead) in water colors, drawings and cloths from Celestial Empire as fashionably how not to watch TV, to worry about ecology and to write in Twitter .

From where there is so much demand and squeal? Why the Russian artists are on sale cheaper and many times less? They it is worse? Are pleasant less? They are not so lovely to the western judges? And why all so fell in love with art from the People`s Republic of China, but not, say, talents from the Middle East and from Latin America?

Besides that about domestic geniuses of installations, paints and a canvas it is accepted to tell &ndash too; we on rise, we in a trend, will win against all soon, and still we have Kabakov and his picture about a bug, and also the city of Perm, it Russian San - Sebastian and Gelmanlend. In total so, russian art in the West is exposed by lots three times a year - twice in London and once in New - York. At this russian art, actually, russian also get: about 70 percent of all lots are bought up by citizens of Russia and the Russian emigrants. You can buy the Chinese painting everywhere where there are points an art - the market. Hong Kong. Paris. Even if you will lie on the Miami beach and to blow from a tubule to a pinakolad, can quite be that near you the corresponding auction is carried out.

But all right foreign meetings and actions. It, let us assume, work of ubiquitous curators of Christie`s and Sotheby`s. But Chinese have (really is) an internal art - the market. At the same time it not just nominally exists: from ten most successful, that is commercially profitable, auction houses seven - the Chinese. What a conclusion follows from that in China not only popular artists, but also active collectors. You can call the serious auction house in Russia? Not to mention that it was known outside our country? It is clear, that all art - business in China - not original, the largest galleries are created by Americans and Europeans. Actually, the huge number of the investments enclosed in the Chinese culture also became the catalyst of rough interest in creativity of residents of Beijing and vicinities.

In 2008 Charles Saatchi, the owner once of the world`s largest advertizing agency and the influential gallery owner, organized the Young Chinese Artists exhibition where works of young artists from the People`s Republic of China are presented. I will remind that 20 years ago the same Saatchi organized the Young British Artists exhibition and showed to Damion Hirst`s world with companions. Hirst now nearly the dearest artist on light: the Superstition exhibition in 2007 was sold at auction for 25 million dollars - and for Damion it is, in general, not top of all and not deification, and quite to itself the working moment, though very successful. Other participants of the association Young British artists too do not suffer. It is clear, that Saatchi now in the world of art has where as less influence, than 20 years ago, and all-.

In the Chinese boom there is one more curious moment. If to examine annual lists on the subject Very best - the most very expensive exhibits of the modern art in a top there traditionally there are sculptures, installations and only then actually painting. Also it is indicative that painting this Chinese, is less than fashionable sculptors and installers in Celestial Empire. One of known - Zhang Huang. For example, at the beginning of 90 - x this courageous person smeared with honey and fish oil the body which within an hour was stuck around by flies. Similar performances were carried out at the same time also by some noticeable persons of the Russian art - crept, for example, naked on a lead and bit passersby. But Zhang Huang (whether it be sculpture The Donkey in feathers or just photos during the next performance) sweep away at the largest auctions, giving on 400 - 600 thousand whether and much of visitors of Sothbey`s know a name of the person who became famous for a flood exposure?

The people who only like newly appeared love to the Chinese art among artists familiar to them most often call Zeng Fanzhi, Zhang Syaogana and Yue Minjiongya. Any who will for the first time open the catalog with reproductions will be struck by similarity of pictures of artists. It is possible to think that they if had no one master - the mentor, then they precisely studied at one school. In - the first, there are a lot of persons. It is a lot of persons. Continuous persons. Portrait genre. Sometimes (at Minjiongya) these persons exulting. More often (at Fanzhi and Syaogana) intense, severe and uneasy. Second feeling - very long ago we did not see you . It bears Soviet sots very a strong resemblance - an art, only it brushed and galstuchek it is corrected . The same, is only wrapped in luster. The shadow of the chairman Mao (disturbing) in general in works of these artists flashes often, one of the famous pictures Minjiongya Execution by its own recognition, is a hint on bloody suppression of students at Tiananmen Square. It is the second after money of the western gallery owners a factor of success of the Chinese art. The pictures created in the country which was closed yesterday are very interesting to public and tremblingly watched at the small red book with quotes, and now here reforms, Xiaoping, installations and the Olympic Games. Of course, it is more pleasant for gallery owners that the country changed not gradually, and it is noisy also with explosion - as USSR. But at the beginning of 90 - x an art - the market around the world worried not the best days, and in Russia then it was not necessary and to dream of any private galleries and auctions. To Chinese with a situation has luck, and the power saved in the closed state, they have less, than at the Russian artists after disorder of the Union. Not to mention that in general it is more of them and that among it one billion three hundred million people extremely prestigiously and important it is considered to get an education, including in the field of arts.

Few years ago (China - boom already was with might and main, but Russia did not reach yet) the exhibition of works of the Chinese artists took place in Central Department Store. Visitors were satisfied with an exhibition. Some, it is remembered, stayed delighted. Besides what more tasteless and helpless selection what was there it is difficult to present. In this sense the Chinese painting reminds disorders with best-sellers in &ndash bookstores; it seems all take, but it is obvious that rather worth little there and it is necessary to look narrowly at least. But disorder - here it, in the middle of shop, and at an entrance still, you will not pass, you will stumble. It is obvious that the general adoration of the Chinese masters of the arts will gradually come to naught, - the list of best-sellers on disorder should be updated, differently in any way.

Perhaps then in Central Department Store (it is better to pick up, of course, more suitable place, but let will be in Central Department Store again) there will take place one more exhibition of the Chinese art. It will be not fashionable, but there, there is a wish to trust, more rather remarkable works will appear.