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How to women to overcome bad mood?

Psychologists claim that absence of the sun and short light day are the reason of depressions.

How to avoid it?

One of the most effective ways is to fall in love.

Of course, easier to say, than to make But, if to try to create to itself that mood which accompanies love - the depression will recede for certain. If it is impossible to fall in love categorically, then it is possible just to poflirtovat. Flirtation reopens to us the fact that we, women that we can be pleasant to an opposite sex. Just the smile can lighten the stranger mood.

The second - to make an act, unexpected for itself.

Of what you dreamed that you always wanted to make, but were afraid or just could not get up courage? Try to make it now. It for some time will beat out you from a habitual track and will open new feelings. Pay a compliment to the envious woman - and she will long guess that you actually meant. Send an amusing card to the boss - if he has a sense of humour, he will estimate it. Register in vocal lessons - let to you since the childhood repeated that you have neither hearing, nor a voice Try, try

If all this not for you, then register to the pool. Or in a gym. I all - give to preference to the pool - water for me is a reminder on summer, an opportunity though somehow to feel its breath again. You do not sit in the evenings alone, plan the day so that in it there was time for physical activity.

But to the hall there is not always a wish to go, besides the road: work - fitness - the house - occupies a heap of forces and time. I in such days do not press on myself, darling, I do not repeat that it is necessary to go and train and develop will power. I just relax, I go home and I dance. In such days my kitten hides in the most far corner (probably is afraid that I inadvertently on it will fly in a dancing pas), my darling tries to go to other room not to confuse me and not to be confused most (I, unfortunately, not as Maya Plisetskaya and even not as Jennifer Lopez, at me very peculiar and yet to nobody dance the known style), and I catch a peculiar high in it. The mood increases instantly - happiness hormone is produced. Besides I can move under the favourite music - that is twice pleasant.

Flirtation, dance It is fine, and for strengthening of effect it is possible to arrange itself shopping and to buy something bright, for example, orange or green flowers: the sad fall and winter will upset not so strongly.

Find, at last, time for a meeting with the girlfriends!

Ring round the former classmates, schoolmates and, perhaps, you will understand that to you is what to remember about what to communicate what to argue on

Make small shift in the apartment. Repair - it is too global and to start it not during a season, in my opinion, is not really practical (though besides on the fan). And here small shift of furniture, ejection of old and unnecessary things will help to look at the world in a new way.

All this, one may say, active ways of fight against bad mood. There are also passive.

The chocolate bar or ice cream create positive emotions.

In kitchen it is possible to create some masterpiece of culinary art and to devour it or in proud loneliness, or to share with the one who will be at this time near. You will be praised, and, thereby, the self-assessment will raise. If to prepare masterpieces it is lazy, then carry out raid on the nearest grocery store and buy what most often you refuse to yourself: puff pie (also do not try to consider calories!), huge cake, darlings chocolate (and not chocolate too) candies, cake (nyam!), sausage with cheese, a smoked chicken

Yes, nearly forgot - buy couple of lemons and just leave them on a table. Try, then you will understand why Glance

in bookstore. When last time you were here? For certain there was a heap of interesting novelties! If it is difficult for you to orient in such variety, then just decide that you want at present - a romance novel, the detective, and can something from a fantasy? Having decided on the priorities, it is easier to find something for itself.

It is necessary to remember one - except ourselves nobody to us will create good mood. You should not wait when some external factors begin to influence us, it is necessary just to live and to do something for itself, darling.