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Bioproducts it is more useful to an organism, than usual food?

What is biological foodstuff? These are products which are received on the basis of initial food raw materials - a plant, grown in the environmentally friendly environment, - are made, and are stored without use of chemical means.

the Popular belief that bioproducts it is much better, than usual food. They say that they contain more vitamins and the mineral substances necessary for a human body, and at the same time contain less than any harmful additives - the fact that it is not necessary for us.

However, from the scientific point of view both of these opinions do not maintain criticism. The Chemists working in the analytical laboratories studying structure of foodstuff still are not able to reveal distinctions between usual and ecological flour, between biological cabbage and cabbage which is on sale in any " shop; - claims Shtiftung Varentest the largest German organization analyzing quality of various goods including food.

It is necessary to refrain from recommendations to use mainly the food received by cultivation on environmentally friendly fields, as such alternative products have no the proved advantages before usual - says the research executed by the German Society of food.

The Difference between usual and alternative food is so small that you should not spend forces and funds for carrying out further works on its studying - professor Dil from Federal institute of studying of foodstuff in Kiel says.

according to scientists, amount of vitamins B fruit depends on a plant grade, and the place where it grew, and in direct ratio from weather factors - sunshine, quantity of vypadayemy rainfall, etc. a little. In comparison with these natural factors, the effect brought by fertilizers is absolutely insignificant. Scientists are experts in the field of food - argue on many questions, but in one they agree. Irrespective of of what potatoes we made roast: from this, which was dunged by natural cows, or from this which grew in the field, processed by chemical fertilizers, it will not be reflected in our organism.

Cannot reject the fact that poisons and harmful substances contain also in most natural products, and sometimes in considerable quantity. Well-known, to get poisoned with hydrocianic acid, it is enough to eat a quantity of almonds or seeds of other kostochkovy cultures. Both many artificial preservatives and methods of conservation for this purpose and are intended to destroy harmful microorganisms and natural poisons which are present at plants most natural in the way. For example, the refined olive oil does not contain such cancerogenic solvent as tetrachloroethylene, unlike oil which is received directly after a pressing broken with the tree of olives which is so adored by fans of naturprodukt. And in general due to refinement of food oils, and in particular processing so-called otbelny " clay; it is almost possible to bring completely out of their structure many poisons, in particular miotoksina which completely are present at the oil received directly when pressing fresh raw materials.

As often criticize a method of heat treatment of natural products, and thanks to it it is possible to destroy tubercular bacilli or vegetable poisons, and also to make available to our organism useful substances and some vitamins. we Will tell

, the crude milk received even with environmentally friendly farms, - the ideal environment for growth of the bacteria carrying an infectious disease - listeroz. The newborn who caught from mother listerozy through breast milk either perishes, or has prospect of serious consequences, in the form of violations of activity of a brain. So in Switzerland in general it is forbidden to use in food the milk received directly from the country yards without further processing.