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How to bring up the excellent student?

Think, each parent wishes that his favourite Mashenka, Anechka, Yulenka, Petechka, Vanechka, Sashenka etc. was:

A) the clever pupil who was deservedly receiving only good marks;

B) the successful student to whom examinations will set off " submachine gun;;

B) the highly paid expert who will manage not only to build career, but at the same time and not to forget about a family.

But, as we know, most of the most necessary career qualities the child receives in the course of education. All we will teach the adored children to, then and will be reflected in success level (in study, career, life, eventually.) .

Here the child went to school.

the Joyful pink-checked peanut gradually becomes the independent full-fledged personality. But on the way that is quite natural, it is waited by a set of obstacles, tears, disappointments and other troubles.

The first two will become one of such.

you understand that the child does not cope with loading that it not up to the end acquires material that, perhaps, it has insufficiently good relations with the teacher etc. You begin to reproach yourself, asking a set of questions:

What to do? Whether it is worth controlling performance of homeworks? As well as than to help? And whether it is necessary?

In - the first, stop to endure. The child has to face negative consequences of the actions (or the inaction). But it is necessary to do it accurately that the child had no feeling that it was thrown, left alone with a problem which at his tender and early age will seem just accident.

But also here you should not go too far.

Help only with what he is really not able to cope independently with (for example - cannot find the correct solution of a task).

Control performance of homework, but you do not sit near it, checking each comma and correctly / incorrectly solved example.

Never talk to the child in mandative tone. You remember: he just studies.

Never use system it seems: Read, please, the paragraph, and I will buy a chocolate to you . Thus you accustom the child to do everything only for the sake of encouragement. And in the future it, having got used, will already cease to study disinterestedly, each time demanding bigger entertainments . Try to explain

to your son / daughter that any occupation and furthermore, study, will not bring notable benefit if already from the process he / she does not learn to derive pleasure. Homework needs to be organized so that the child himself reached for new knowledge.

And, of course, - do not forget to encourage the child more often. to praise but not to encourage with sweets each solved example or the read story.

One more moment which, perhaps, will lead you up a blind alley - the child himself will refuse the help. It can occur because, in general, each person wants most to control a situation, all of us strive for independence and independence. Arrive so that the child understood that you always nearby also are ready to help him, but to help as the friend but not to control as the teacher. You for the child, first of all, - the companion to whom he can and, most likely, will want to address for council.

Somehow it developed that I in the childhood was controlled a little. It was possible to study, and it is possible - and is not present. But something such invisible (some absolutely imperceptible pushing to knowledge) all - existed. Somehow I, the child who wanted to walk on the street more than to read books and to learn lessons, chose not the first: I studied moreover and on perfectly .

I thank parents Now for the fact that I can be proud by itself.

And here, thinking of the posterity, asked mother once: As you so could: without specifying anything, without forcing and without controlling, to enclose in my children`s mind that well and that badly ? . Words were the answer: I do not know. Mother, probably, taught .

Here and it turns out that good education, ability to be a person passes from father to son.

Therefore - help the child grow up the independent, clever, educated personality. Well, and it will already continue your nice sort.