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How to do apartment renovation? We choose experts of

there is an opinion that repair in the apartment for the man is a small war, and for the woman - native elements. But, as if it was, under modern conditions, at a variety of materials and technologies, capital repairs are by own efforts almost impossible. And if you understand it, that time to start the choice of private experts or services of repair offices.

Question: whether to employ the private expert or to address to firm which will provide you crew of workers?

the First option can initially be quite attractive as promises some economy of money: you should not pay services of the foreman, the suppliers and other experts providing and controlling all process. And own supervision of work flow has to provide appropriate quality of their performance. But it as very often happens, only practically the myth.

Even if you are ready to give up work for several months and to devote the life only to repair, you will hardly succeed in economy and quality. The market of construction materials is extensive and diverse. It is extremely difficult to understand it to the person ignorant. To buy really qualitative goods at reasonable price, it is necessary to be engaged in it constantly, to feel dynamics of the market, to have the corresponding communications and practices, to know features of properties of the same materials made by producers. Generally, it is necessary to be the professional.

Behind the course it is repair - construction works competent engineering control has to be exercised. Work with an integrated team of private experts in many respects depends on quality of its structure and competence of the foreman. Here it is important to define a number of the essential moments.

Usually integrated team consists of 4 - 5 people. Take an interest what construction specialties each of her members and what specifically work the foreman intends to charge to this or that worker owns. Walk according to all list of alleged works and accurately understand for yourself who and that at you will do. Combination of such specialties as the joiner and the parquet floor layer, the painter, the tiler and the plasterer, the electrician and the plumber is allowed.

2 . If to you it is declared that in crew all are able to do everything, then better at once refuse such services. Miracles in the nature do not happen.

3. Find out what tool the crew has whether there is all necessary.

4. it is obligatory, talk to the foreman about subtleties of various technologies (previously having prepared and having understood them independently). Do not hesitate to arrange examination - you trust these people serious work and expensive materials.

If you use services of the designer in architectural supervision, involve it in the choice of crew. Is strongly recommended to charge to the foreman ensuring object draft materials (giving it money on receipt) and to agree with it about its participation in the choice of finishing materials. Anyway, this option (work with private experts) will demand from you vigilant control over work flow and expenditure of your money.

If you stopped the choice at work with is repair - civil engineering firm, can relax a little. Of course, here it is also important not to make the wrong choice and not to neglect all process.

However the main difference of civil engineering firm from certain experts and labor collectives consists in what it is administrative - the administrative personnel undertake the solution of the problems connected with your repair.

You should not puzzle what material where to buy, penetrate into subtleties of technological nuances, to be engaged in one thousand more big and small questions. You just pay the money and receive the expected result. Under a condition, of course, that you chose the worthy contractor.

The main criteria of the choice of firm

In - the first, if you conceived apartment renovation or office, but not reconstruction of the building, it is better to choose not too big firm. It guarantees you sufficient attention to your object at all levels of administrative structure of this organization. But also it is not necessary to involve the small organizations in implementation of large-scale projects. The size of firm has to correspond to the volume of your order.

In - the second, should pay attention to quality of training your contractor proyektno - budget documentation.

In - the third,

it is better for b to request from firm of the recommendation and to ask to show a number of the projects which are already carried out by it. If (as it can be in a case with private apartments) to visit the objects put in operation it will be exigeant, then it is necessary to get acquainted with the objects which are at present in work.

Pay attention to the applied technologies, the equipment, the materials working at object of experts as far as the scope of work is supported as it should be. All this will give you more real picture of work of firm.

Both during the work with certain experts, and during the work with the whole crew as important there can be a safety issue. Surely take home telephone numbers from your workers and before allowing them to work, call and make sure who and on what conditions lives there. If you deal with the crew from another town living on the rental apartment surely talk to the owner of housing. Do not hesitate to collect passport data from your workers.

It is impossible to be sure of conscientiousness of masters, neither ordering work to a private trader, nor addressing to firm. The matter is that civil engineering firms take people among the same private traders who give the lower case advertizing in newspapers or stand near the construction markets and shops with plates I do repair . So professional skills, as, however, and their absence at company workers and at private traders are most often approximately identical. Also degree of responsibility for the work is identical: in the presence of frank marriage and subquality work neither the firm, nor a private trader just will receive from the client of money.

Another matter - defects or the marriage revealed after final settlement.

Sometimes even existence of the official contract with the press and the signature of the CEO of firm is not a guarantee that her masters will arrive to you on the first call. The firm can stop simply by this time the existence and to make a claim there will be nobody.

In case of your unshakable confidence in own correctness it is possible to invite the independent construction commission and to file a lawsuit the statement of claim. But sometimes it is simpler to call other masters. I wish you good luck!