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How to struggle with distributors? Or the weapon against managers! Author Roman Pavlovsky.

to Struggle with us or with them))) i.e. with sellers it is possible, having used our weapon, It is necessary to consider, the fact that in negotiations, as well as the one who is better armed, in this case with knowledge in the war wins, and has bigger experience.

And the first what it is necessary to begin with, it to believe that you are capable easily and quickly, in conversation, to make so that the uninvited representative, left your office. Then your consciousness will work for realization and search of the decision with the task set for it.

We will begin with an entrance door, treat with humour to it, and place on a door the image of the distributor on a guillotine, and from below write, Here execute distributors - look for other doors.

Because, inscription Not to disturb causes in a beginner the way, a past, special processing of the manager, desire - to disturb. Such is consciousness of any person, denial Not it ignores.

And here he at your office came, and began to speak - Good afternoon, the " company; LLC .

It is the prepared presentation and it is calculated, on drawing attention.

And here I recommend to watch at the distributor who tells the presentation, with it a look as though you ate a lemon, and, without tearing off a look from it.

Be trained in front of the mirror, it is possible to add several other expressions, your task what he would make a pause in the presentation.

The pause is received, the distributor in perplexity, and one zero in your advantage, now your following blow.

Straighten shoulders, put hands sideways (it is a pose of the self-assured person, and superiority pose), raise a chin above, it is possible to knock on a table a fist, And in an imperative mood ask it - Why, you did not look, at the plate on a door?, at the same time, make the movement-headed towards a door, and show a forefinger the door. You are silent and hold a hand and you look at it until it collects the goods and will leave.

Word Why forces the person to justify itself and feel guilty. Remember your childhood how many there was Why told you from adults? Why, you did not perform a task, were late for a lesson etc.

the Manager left also your victory!

It is also possible to make so if you one, but not several people at office.

And the distributor does you the presentation, both looks, and addresses you. At first come into short eye contact with it, and later, turn off from it a look and make the absent person or look attentively at any subject in the room, or on the hands, can be option much, I call this reception ignoring Your task to bring down from sense of the manager. And at this time at the same time lateral sight control its reaction, and wait when he makes a pause, and he will surely make a pause in the presentation. Your attention is lost!

After that at once turn to it, make the interested person, come into eye contact and tell - As it is interesting to me, what you tell, repeat once again! .

After he starts the presentation anew, repeat ignoring

As a rule, it is enough to repeat three times ignoring to bring down a heat of the confident in the success, and aimed at sale distributor. After that a forefinger of an outstretched arm and gesture by the head on a door. Other hand bent in an elbow the palm squeezed in a fist is located at the level of a belt, pressed to a body. The head is raised up, and a sure look, in the intention to show the door the uninvited guest.

Well, here, as that so. Success!