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How to do apartment renovation? In order to avoid deception of

in practice of work of civil engineering firms and masters - private traders there is a number of simple tricks on which it is easy to get to the unsophisticated person. Let`s try to understand these nuances. There are two options of search of the workers who are carrying out apartment renovation.

According to the recommendation.

It is the easiest and reliable way as your good friends, relatives or benevolent neighbors warrant for quality of work of masters. Besides, there is a fine opportunity to come to them on a visit - to look, knock and feel real results of work of the recommended crew.

the Shortcoming one (it, by the way, equally concerns all experts) - from failures is not insured nobody.

According to advertisements.

Should not gather the whole pile of construction newspapers. The matter is that advertisers - both firms, and private traders - give information on themselves in several editions at once. Therefore, calling by telephone, you can get to the same firm or to the same master not less than 5 - 6 times. Therefore, one magazine and one - two newspapers is quite enough to find suitable option. Now important competently and fruitfully to hold negotiations, here to what it is important to pay attention.

For example, in a phone conversation the secretary, the manager or the dispatcher persistently avoids a question of quotations, convincing you that it is absolutely impossible to call them without survey of object. And you are forced to call the expert on the house. The element of truth in it is. Really, it is impossible to call the exact sum in which repair of the concrete apartment will manage, without seeing it. But the dispatcher is able to tell the approximate price.

Other option of succession of events: you are told willingly all quotations, and quite low, and you joyfully call the expert, lighting the address and phone. Calculation in both cases idle time. In - the first, you give the contact phone and if the firm not too stands on ceremony with clients, her employees will importunately keep ringing to you and to convince persistently to make the positive decision. In - the second, you leave the address. In case of refusal from services of firm which representative visited at you and, so knows your phone and the address, let him unambiguously and firmly know that you will not cooperate with his company.

Firms give a guarantee for repair from 1 - go years to 3 - x years. However, the probability that after the end of repair you will find this firm is quite often reduced to zero. And therefore it is necessary to choose the company with a certain reputation and not yesterday created.

What to pay attention to? the first license is granted by

For the construction organizations strictly for 1 year. And if the firm has a license of all for 1 year (and you are assured of the 5 - 6 - summer existence), it is quite possible that it arose recently. To the known companies the license is granted for 3 years.

To avoid problems in time, and even it is worse - after repair - better to address to firm which is engaged in rendering services of curator supervision of construction. Such firms exists enough now.

In - the first, the firm unites several experts of various profile, and it serves as some quality assurance of the rendered services.

In - the second, firm has to have the whole arsenal control - measuring equipment of high quality which to hold to the expert - the single is inexpedient expensively.

But also services of firm will cost, naturally, dearer - somewhere from 700 c.u. a month (and more, depending on the range of services). It is justified too, but not always. If you build the house or conduct serious reconstruction, the firm can be useful. And if you repair the apartment or office, it is more favorable to look for the good private curator.

If you assume to employ the curator or to attract the supervising organization to control of your builders, it is necessary to do it at the very beginning of works (and it is even better prior to works), but not when you already had a ball of problems which you are not able to untangle. Curators, most likely, will solve problems, and to here return already spent money and the ruined materials perhaps not always. To Bunglers often there is nothing to indemnify the caused loss. It is impossible to make up for lost time also nerves. To be continued