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Whom was Jean - Mari Brudo?

The journalist Paul Querjan incidentally learns about frauds of the respectable businessman and influential politician - Benoit Lamber. The businessman is expected by a juicy scandal. Paul begins the investigation. Finds the interesting facts, faces attempts to bribe him, to intimidate, and even to physically eliminate

Such is, in brief, plot of the feature film Thousand billions dollars - one of the tapes entering in gold fund French cinema. Two sign figures played, it appears, a key role in success of a picture in France and beyond its limits. One of them - the director, the Armenian by origin Henri Verna (Ashot Malakyan), the master of the French detective, adventure movie and comedy at whom Fernandel, Jean Gabin, Alain Delon, Anthony Quinn, Yves Montan acted. Another - the leading man Patrick Devaer. The picture looks and today. However, on present technical frills the journalistic world it seems far left from selectors, typewriters, photolaboratories and other attributes defining editorial everyday life about 25 years ago forward. But the attitude towards journalists as to certain " remained; to a service staff when obedient it is possible to allure gingerbread, and obstinate - with impunity to hlestanut a whip. The problem remained because uncrowned kings, or as it is nowadays fashionable to call them on - Ancient Greek, oligarchs, today still nakhrapisty seek to dictate the rest the rules of the game.

Probably, in the general avalanche of cinema products there will be not much movies deserving attention where representatives of journalistic shop act on the forefront. The actors occupied in these movies created the memorable images. For example, Dustin Hoffman and Robert Radford who played journalists - authors of the book about Uotergeytsky scandal ( All presidential host director Alan Pakula). Refined Yury Vasilyev in S. Gerasimov`s picture Journalist . Resourceful Gregory Peck in Roman vacation . Phlegmatic and at the same time unbalanced Alberto Sordi in The Journalist from Rome . Charming Oleg Borisov in Give the book of complaints . In this row Patrick Devaer as Querjan takes the worthy place.

Not inclined generally to a senimtentalnost, the author admits: perhaps, from the strongest shocks in the life he tested one, having watched in 1982 - m the mentioned movie Thousand billions dollars . And not once. Perhaps impressions of this movie played a crucial role in choice of profession. Now I will not undertake to claim any more. In any case, name Paul Querjan more than once it was sounded by the author in offices and corridors of " news agency; Armenpress . So far grown wise experience of the colleague did not din into the young fellow that the successful journalism corresponding to instructions of a district committee and the Central Committee requires absolutely another my first acquaintance to Patrick Devaer was

It. It then we learned that the mentioned movie was one of the last in its creative biography. And summer of 1982 - go the talented actor died. Since then passed nearly a quarter of the century. Today to it would be only sixty. The patriarch of the French cinema, the director Claude Otan - Lara called it in due time - bright, temperamental, obsessed, passionate on the verge of despair - actor of the future . However the present introduced the amendments.

Jean - Mari Brudo (the real name and a surname of Devaer) was born on January 26, 1947 in the British town San - Brek in a large family of hereditary actors. His father was a singer, mother - the famous drama actress. Nearly acquaintance in 1968 to Gerard Depardieu, Miu - Miu (Silvetta Erie) and Kolyush - then young people and as well as he, yet almost to nobody the famous theatrical actors became the most significant in his life. Young people found own theater which received the name Cafe de la Gar . Here they should be at the same time authors of performances, directors and performers of roles. Sinebluzniki as they were called lovingly by Parisians, forced to speak about themselves at the top of the voice.

The huge success came to Patrick when, selected from more than fifty candidates, he acted in 1973 - m in a picture of the young director Bertran Blier Waltzing . With Gerard Depardieu they played in a duet, according to Devaer, two friends who do not want to vegetate in life and wish to take from it something that, however, assumes to bypass the law " a little;. Friends walk the streets, hang around in electric trains, directing a fright on people around and plundering respectable matrons and decent bourgeoises. But the main sense of their mischievous, almost spontaneous existence consists in another - in search of the ideal woman. Only tempting all met representatives of an opposite sex (from young girls to elderly ladies), they feel that they lead full life. Waltzing brought Blier an international recognition, however in due time this movie - scandal was forbidden to display in a number of the countries.

And then went whole bouquet cool pictures where Devaer played the leading roles - Farewell, police officer Investigator by nickname Sheriff Heading the same Thousand billions dollars F as Fairbanks (in the Soviet hire - He wanted to live ) where he acted and as the composer. Its last film became Paradise for all . On a twist of fate, Devaer happened to play the insurance agent who a minute of a hopelessness tried to commit once suicide in it. Here, perhaps, the reality most dangerously closely intertwined with fiction. And the following movie - Edith and Marcel devoted to fine and tragic love of Edith Piaf and one of the best professional boxers of the world of the end of 1940 - x Marcel Serdan, came out already without Devaer. He - that also had to play Serdan. The gym was already removed and the professional coach is employed: that Patrick completed a course of trainings of the boxer - a sredneves. But in July, 1982 when preparation for shooting was in full blast, news of tragic death of the actor came.

Claude Lelush, the director of a picture, was one of the last who communicated with it that fatal day on July 16. He invited Patrick to viewing of the picture Cranes " fly; which highly appreciated very much (in particular, for receptions of the operator Sergey Urusevsky). That promised to come. I cannot recover several seconds, - Lelush when he learned that Patrick was shot from the fowling piece remembered then. - As if I was nailed to a chair It is absurdity, it cannot be! To leave voluntarily when you enjoy life, it is keen on work, on a glory crest

Patrick committed suicide, and even true to him Miu - Miu who then was his wife, could not stop it. This ridiculous, at first sight, leaving shook many. Curly and fun-loving, with a face of a faun, Devaer, apparently, least of all reminded the loser who was disappointed in life. However then people close to the actor remembered how often he spoke about death what disturbing and unstable was his attitude. Perhaps, it helped it to embody on the screen perceptible lines of a spiritual warehouse of the generation - type of originally democratic hero, guy from crowd who did not merge with it, did not get lost in the lump of persons. Moods of mad, independent spirit and at the same time unrealized dream. Total rejection of traditional morals, naughty gloss - and at the same time inability to overcome sincere uncertainty, fear of loneliness of tomorrow`s existence.

I do not measure everyday happiness by the number of zero in the bankbook, - Devaer admitted one of interview. - Thank God, no. Also I have no hunting to surround myself with people who thus want to decorate the life. I not star . Stars - it from other era . By other its recognition, it could never play tricks which do not exist in real life.

Six years later after Devaer`s suicide his friend and the colleague in actor`s shop Gerard Depardieu addressed it with such words: As well as Romi Schneider, you mixed life with craft of the actor. You badly transferred heavy reality of the world of art. You were too sensitive, defenseless and found that the death is fine. It was predetermined: you had to blow up, thaw . Having died in one year, with a difference less than in two months, Patrick Devaer and Romi Schneider left about themselves deep human memory. Now their names carry two Cesar annually handed to the best young actors of France. Having broken physically, their life in art proceeds.