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Photoepilation in house conditions? The truth and myths

In the modern dynamically developing world well-groomed appearance plays an important role. Beautiful smooth skin without undesirable hairs, undoubtedly, is one of factors of female appeal.

Despite a wide choice of methods and means for removal of hair, the few from them are capable to provide faultless result for a long time. Today a photoepilation - the most effective and safe method providing disposal of unnecessary hairs for long time. However, it is worth noticing that many of us still with mistrust treat a photoepilation as are in power of various myths and delusions, related. Let`s try to understand together that is represented by a photoepilation and to discredit the most popular beliefs, based on objective information on this method of removal of hair.

1. The photoepilation is possible only in beauty shops and medical offices

Until recently it was valid so, and carrying out a photoepilation demanded obligatory participation of the expert. And it means, it was necessary to sign up to the expert for a course of procedures in advance and to lay out for it rather big sum. But, fortunately, progress does not stand still. Remember how more than a century ago people visited barbers to shave. And now daily we use razors, deodorants and other objects of personal hygiene independently. It easiest, convenient, modern. In the same way and with a photoepilation! Thanks to the unique HPLight device (to Hepilayt ) developed by the German company MS Westfalia GmbH you had an opportunity to carry out procedure of a photoepilation in house conditions. Use of the HPLight device does not demand special preparation, it is absolutely safe and allows to carry out independently procedures in any time, convenient for you.

2. One procedure of a photoepilation suffices forever to get rid of hair

It is the myth! The matter is that the photoepilation affects only the hair which are in an active growth phase (anagen), and such on any site of skin no more than 30%. Therefore it is necessary to carry out several procedures to influence also the remained hair in a growth phase. If all hair bulbs on a site of skin passed processing in a growth phase, hair will not grow from them any more. However it is worth noticing that in skin there is also a quantity of hair follicles in a quiet state which can " over time; to waken emergence of separate hairs is also not excluded. Therefore it is not necessary to trust the advertizing promising removal of hair by a photoepilation method instantly and forever. Usually desirable effect of smooth skin manages to be reached for 8 - 12 sessions, depending on a hormonal background, type and structure of hair, specific features of an organism.

3. The photoepilation is dangerous and painful, can cause side effects

the Principle of action of photoepilators is based on absorption of light by a hair pigment - melanin. The thermal energy which is allocated at absorption is directed directly to a hair follicle, it destroys it, without damaging at the same time surrounding fabrics. Procedures of removal of hair, both by means of professional saloon devices, and by means of a house photoepilator of HPLight, are safe and painless. Unlike other ways of removal of hair, the photoepilation does not cause irritation of skin, allergic reactions and emergence of the grown hair.

4. The photoepilation costs very much


in beauty shops, really, is expensive procedure. However removal of hair by means of device HPLight is much more economic and more favorable. The cost of one flash of the lamp HPLight module - only 3,8 rubles , and one of a full session of processing the main problem zones - of only 77 rubles .

By the most modest calculations, use of a photoepilator of HPLight will cost to you by 6 times cheaper in comparison with a photo / a laser epilation in beauty shops 5 times cheaper in comparison with a professional wax epilation. Considering that the effect of a course of procedures of a photoepilation remains on average from 3 to 7 years, you will be able to reach real economy of means in the long term.

Naturally, you should not forget that the person - a live organism in which there are certain biological processes and disposal of undesirable hair will demand from you certain efforts. But thanks to the latest, progressive technologies already now you have an opportunity as fast as possible, it is effective and safe to get rid of excess hairs for many years and to become the owner of smooth and beautiful skin. The choice for you!

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